Monday, 13 June 2011

Review: Glimmer [Nina Decker #1] by Vivi Anna

Title: Glimmer
Author: Vivi Anna
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Romance, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Series: Nina Decker #1
Source: Won
Publication Date: 18th February 2011
Rating: 3 stars

Tell Me About It
Although Nina Decker's father is one hundred percent human, her mother is not. She belongs to an ancient and rare race of people called the fae. But these fae are not those written about in fairytales, with pretty gossamer wings and fairy dust, no they are sinister, malevolent and unkind, dwelling in another realm called Nightfall. More prone to destroy than to create. Abandoned at the age of ten, to be raised by her father, Nina has never forgiven her mother for that or for ruining her father. A man of only sixty, he appears to be closer to eighty with a frail body and mind. He's been fae-struck and is slowly fading away to nothing. This is one of the reasons why Nina has never gotten too close to any one man. She doesn't want to seal his fate like her father's has been.

But she can't deny her fiery connection to Severin Saint Morgan, a sexy as hell werewolf and the alpha of the Vancouver wolf pack. He's an Australian immigrant working at the university as an associate professor, and the publicized face of the werewolf species. He makes her blood boil with desire and makes her tremble with fear. But its only when her mother reappears with startling revelations about an upcoming war between the fae and the werewolves that Nina realizes that she may be a pawn for both sides.
My Thoughts
I got hold of this book by winning a competition and Vivi Anna gifted the e-book to me through Amazon.

This was a quick but great read. Nina works as a nurse in hospital and with each new victim that comes in more blame is passed onto the werewolves who have recently made themselves known. Trying to keep her own secrets Nina tries to find other causes to these attacks and to get the police off the werewolves backs.

Throughout the book, Nina not only has to try to cope with her increasing feelings for Severin Saint Morgan, a known werewolf, but also has to continually try to keep her own secrets hidden, which is becoming a hard task to do. On top of all this she has to care for her lovable yet frail father, protecting him from evil...and her Mother.

Right from the start you are drawn in Nina's world and don't want to stop reading. Back story and relevant information to make the plot work are inserted into the pages seamlessly and doesn't hold up the progress of the book.

I cant wait for the next book to be released and find out what happens next.

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