Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Review: BFF and the Secret Santa by Amanda Lawrence Auvergine

Title: BFF and the Secret Santa
Author: Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
Author Info: Website
Genre: Horror, Romantic Suspense
Source: From author for review
Publication Date: 18th December 2010
Rating: 3 stars

Tell Me About It
It’s the last week of classes at university, and Lydia Foster is struggling to find happiness.

She's lost the love of her life, Lucas, who ended their relationship to be with someone else.

Her best friend Amber is having a torrid affair with a professor and Lydia must keep it a secret.

Her final exams are extremely stressful and Lydia is worried about her grades.

On the morning of her last examination, Lydia awakens to discover that her troubles are just beginning.

She receives a gift from a friend that changes her life.
My Thoughts
I got BFF and the Secret Santa from the author and had no idea what it was going to be like.
For most of the way through it I thought it was really good, then BAMMM!!!, you are hit with a twist that you just didn't expect at all.

I had to struggle to read past the first few chapters of this book, we get a lot of information given to us in such a short space of time, and sometimes I found it was too much.  Once we are a few chapters in we resume regular reading with the additional, but relevant details.

Occasionally I thought that it was a bit repetitive but overall a good read.

My favourite part of BFF and the Secret Santa was Lydia's Mother. She is naggy and persistent and annoying and reminds me so much of my own mum I couldn't help but smile at her. I also loved Lydia's friends, they were with her through the break up of her old relationship and did their best to help and support Lydia.

I absolutely loved the last few chapters of the book and was cheering Lydia on.

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