Monday, 26 September 2011

Review:Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews

Title: Silver Shark
Author: Ilona Andrews
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication Date:USA:Sept 14th 2011|UK:Sept 14th 2011
Claire Shannon is a killer. She uses no weapons, only her mind.
Born on a planet locked in a long war, Claire is a psycher, a woman with the ability to attack minds and infiltrate a biological computer network where psychers battle to the death. But when the war abruptly ends, Claire must hide her psycher's ability to survive. She is deported to a new planet, a vivid beautiful place, where she meets Venturo Escana, a powerful psycher, whose presence overwhelms both her mind and her body.
She thought she had left war and death behind, but now she must fight for her new life and this battle might just cost her everything...

Silver Shark is a book that follows the main character, Claire Shanon. She is a powerfull psycher on her home planet Uley, who are in a war. When her side loses Claire is deporeted and sent to work in Rada, where she has to find a job and take over payments for her place, or be deported back to Uley and killed.
Shannon manages to find a job working as an assistant to Venturo Escana, an equally powerfull psycher. She has to hide her mind from those around her so as not to risk being discovered for who she really is and what she is capable of.

I got my copy of Silver Shark off Ilona Andrews and I read it in one sitting. Although this is the second book in the Kinsman Series, and I haven't read the first book, Silent Blade, I didn't feel like I had missed out on anything as Silver Shark is an excellent stand alone book, and bulids the characters and world so flawlessley that I really didn't realise it was book 2.

As you may know from my other reviews of books by Ilona Andres, I love her writing, and Silver Shark is no exception. I loved the imagery used to describe the surrounds of this new planet and how it is different from Uley. I loved it whenever the characters used the bionet, as this is where the imagery flows. There is so much to picture in your mind about what they see, but it's easy to do as just the right amount of detail is used to help this process.

This book is a must read, and at only £2.16 on amazon its a bargain.

[Thanks to Ilona Andrews for my copy of Silver Shark]

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