Sunday, 30 October 2011

My Soul To Steal Animated Cover

As part of the UK blog tour for My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent, Mira Ink have created a special animated book cover for UK bloggers to post up on their blogs.
Below is part of the email I received and the fantastic animated cover.

I just got some super exciting news which I wanted to tell you right away! As if My Soul to Steal wasn’t awesome enough, it now comes with an animated book jacket which you can put on your blog! MIRA Ink are the first YA publishers to create an animated book jacket for one of their titles, and so it’s a chance for your blog to be at the forefront of publishing innovation. Not only this but this jacket is only available to UK bloggers – it’s not being sent out in the US! I told you it was exciting!
We are giving all the bloggers taking part in the UK blog tour for My Soul to Steal the chance to be the first people to use the animated jacket....

I LOVE the cover and wish that my own book came with an actual animated cover.

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