Monday, 10 October 2011

Want to ask Julie Kagawa a question, now is your chance.

OK, some help would be great. 

I have just received an email about getting a UK copy of The Iron Queen for review for it's release over here and have the chance to ask 5 questions for Julie Kagawa to answer and post along with my review.

So I am putting it up for my followers to ask questions, the best ones will be chosen and sent to Julie to answer.

I need to have them sent in my 27th October 2011, so I am going to give you till 22nd October to get your questions in.

If you want to be credited for the question leave your name.

On a side note I have had to mess around with my feed so you may have to subscribe again if you follow by feed.


  1. 1. Julie was Puck always going to love Meghan. I felt he should have moved on.

    2. Did that future in The Iron Knight reflect what would be?

    3. Would we ever see Puck again.

    Thanks and I just love your books.
    The Iron Daughter and The Iron Knight were my most favorites and ok! The Iron Queen.
    Can't choose all were actually really entertaining to read.
    Keep writing more, Julie.

    A reader.
    ~ Cassandra Hernandez

  2. Hey,
    I just have two questions.
    First: The Iron Knight will be the last book of the Iron fey series?
    Second:What are your plans after finishing this series?

    Julie K.,your books are amazing!

    Thanks Natália


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