Monday, 14 November 2011

Author event with Maggie Stiefvater

Saturday 12th November was a great day for me.

I got the chance to meet Maggie Stiefvater at a local coffee shop in Liverpool.  It was organised by Formby Books and we got the chance to listen to Maggie talk, then ask questions and at the end, get our books signed.

I met up with Bungle from Midnight Reads and we are splitting this post between us, so make sure to check out her blog to find out what questions were asked.

First off we have...
10 Steps to writing a Maggie Stiefvater Novel

1. Come up with a mood
2. Get an idea (or steal one)
3. Find an end
4. Research
5. Begin writing novel "Its a marathon not a sprint"
6. Something should be dead
7. There is no number 7
8. Put food in it.
9. Feeling a little stuck
10. Ignore all these steps.

For each of these steps Maggie went into detail about each one, with a lot of laughter from everyone at the event.  She was really nice and involved us all, even asking questions of us.  There was far too much for me to make notes of but she told us about what she did for research, going to actual cliffs for The Scorpio Races, or how she had to make the food from The Scorpio Races. 
We also found out that she rings her Dad for medical advice when writing the Shiver Series, and where she was when she found out she had gotten number 1 in the NY best sellers list...on a plane with her Dad's phone when phones were meant to be turned off.

We also got to listen to Maggie read a bit from The Scorpio Races which I have not had the chance to read yet, but will hopefully make a start on it soon.

After a short break, where Maggie took the time to sign some books for Formby Book Shop

It was then opened up for a quick Q and A, which you can find over at Midnight Reads, before letting us get our books signed and photo taken.

I had a great time and got to meet another fellow blogger and I can't wait to see what other work Maggie has to offer in the future.


  1. What an AMAZING day, Michelle! :D
    She sounds so funny! And what about that drawing? LOL I want one, too! :P

  2. I loved her 10 steps, so funny! It was really nice to link these posts (sorry mine was so late, the day ran away with me much like yesterday).

    Had a great evening :)

  3. How cool! She looks and sounds like a fun lady! I haven't read any of her books yet, but I did just get a copy of The Scorpio Races last week, so that may have jumped quite a few spaces ahead on my TBR now, haha

    Thanks for sharing!


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