Saturday, 5 November 2011

Review: Prized by Carah M.O'Brien

Title: Prized
Author: Carah M.O'Brien
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: USA:Nov 8th 2011| UK:10th Nov 2011
Striking out into the wasteland with nothing but her baby sister, a handful of supplies, and a rumor to guide her, sixteen-year-old midwife Gaia Stone survives only to be captured by the people of Sylum, a dystopian society where women rule the men who drastically outnumber them, and a kiss is a crime. In order to see her sister again, Gaia must submit to their strict social code, but how can she deny her sense of justice, her curiosity, and everything in her heart that makes her whole?


I started Prized straight after Birthmarked and the story picks up straight after where Birthmarked left off.
I really don't know what to say about Prized. Although I really liked the storyline of Prized, it took a long time for it to actually get anywhere, then all of a sudden something would happen to make it interesting then slow back down again.  There was a lot of backwards and forwards in the friendships and relationships between the characters, and love squares instead of love triangles, which got me confused a few times trying to remember what person was who and what they did in the story.

Prized follows Gaia as she makes a home in Sylum which has high population of males with few female, who are in charge and make the decisions and from this alone I can see how Prized comes to be the title.

There were some good points to Prized.  I loved the hidden clues left for Gaia to solve and find a way to save others, and although the rules of Sylum where strict, I could understand the reasons for them.  Some of the characters I really felt for and was happy when Gaia got things changed to help them become equals

I really loved the ending and although I struggled with Birthmarked, and got confused with Prized I still want to see what happens next for Gaia.

[Thanks to netgalley for my copy of Prized]

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