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Liz Reinhardt Author Interview & Giveaway


Today I have the honour of hosting an author interview with Liz Reinhardt and a giveaway.

First of all I want to say thank you to Liz, not only for giving me the chance to read both of your books but also for taking time out of your busy schedule, especially this time of year, to take part in an interview for me.

Q1: Brenna is a very sporty person in Double Clutch, are you like her in anyway, taking part in sporting activites, or do you prefer to sit at the sidelines and watch?
I actually have no fine depth perception at all! I am very clumsy and very tall with big feet, so I'm constantly knocking things over and bumping into things. So, just walking around is kind of a sport for me! It's actually my best friend from college who loved cross country, and I just imagined her being this smart, sassy athlete in high school, so I gifted my bestie Lex's running ability to Brenna. (Thank you, Lex!)

Q2: Brenna spent time in Denmark and when she returns to America takes part in a share time school program. Did you experience this yourself, or did it take some research?
I'm such a life-experience thief! This was all my cousin-in-law, Erin. She attended my academic high school (we were in the same school, different grades a few years before we became related through marriage!) and the vocational school for cosmetology. I 'researched' by grilling her about what it was like to be in two different schools, problems she had, what she liked. It was cool to have her perspective to draw on!

Q3: How did you come up with the idea for Double Clutch and how long did it take to write?
I was super, super homesick for NJ. My husband, daughter, and I moved to coastal Georgia just seven days after she was born. I felt like such a complete fish out of water. I was pretty much addicted to Facebook, because I missed my friends back home so much. I also got sucked into the Twilight vortex pretty hardcore. So these feelings of being awkward and not fitting in were swirling around with this love triangle idea, and Double Clutch just poured out of me!

As a rough draft, it took a little less than two months. Then I started letting other people read and polish it. And I got some agents to look at it. Anything anyone said that I thought would help, I did! It was two years before I decided to stop trying to traditionally publish and put it out as an independently published book.

Q4: Your are a self published author, did you find it difficult getting your book published and out there and do you have any words of advice for up and coming authors?
I did a ton of work on the book before it went out there. I'm really lucky to have a lot of huge book/grammar/English nerd friends who ripped it apart for me and tried to pinpoint every little mistake and issue. I'm also a former English teacher and a proud word geek, so it was important to me to put a really top quality product out, to the best of my abilities. I hired my amazing cover guy, Steve Peterson, off of Elance. Other than that, it was just uploading it to the sites, and my book was out there!

I do have some advice! I'm by no means an expert, but I'd advise any author to find a good critique partner or two (I found mine on the internet, and they're amazing!). Really go through the book and have them help you work out any kinks, so it's in great condition. When it's the best it can be, don't just put it up there and twiddle your thumbs! Book bloggers are your best friends! Reach out to them!

I have to take a second to gush about book bloggers. Most of them have jobs/go to school/take care of families on top of reading. And then, when they close a book, instead of just saying, "Hmm. I thought that book was....", they go online and write all their observations and reactions down. How dedicated is that?! It blows my mind. Now, obviously, not everyone will like your book. Go to sites and try to find bloggers who seem to like the type of book you write. Write them a polite email with your book blurb, and offer them an efile if they're interested. I cannot thank book bloggers enough for helping get my book talked about!! (LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!)

Q5: If you could travel to any part of the world, where would you go and what would be the 5 top things you had to have in your suitcase?
I would go to Italy!
1. My Kindle.
2. My laptop.
3. Lots of sunscreen. (I am, unlike my siblings, unable to tan. I only burn. Sucks!)
4. Really comfortable, cute sandals. (These will be hard to find, but I will blow my entire wardrobe budget if I have to, because I want to walk around and see everything and do NOT want blistered heels!)
5. A head scarf. You often need them to tour churches in Italy, and it's impossible to find one if you didn't happen to bring your own!

Q6: Which character do you feel closer resembles your own personality?
In my book, it would be Brenna, because I am also constantly thinking, mainly about boys...well, now boy, singular, since my husband is the coolest! But I have a little smart-ass Saxon in me, and a little of Jake's in-the-trenches work ethic, too!

Q7: What was the last book you read that wasn't your own?
I read Abbi Glines's The Vincent Boys, and it was amazing!! If you haven't, you need to pick it up right now! I still have Beau fever! It was hot and sweet and tortured...I burned everyone's grilled cheese trying to read and cook at the same time. Oh, I love that book!

Quick Answer Questions

Summer or Winter?
Winter for the holidays and long, cozy reading hours.

Coffee or Tea?
Tea, extra milk, extra a little kid.

Chocolate or Jellies?
Chocolate, always and forever!

Girly or tomboy?
Girly 'cause I love Austen and dressing up, but I also love a good fart joke and a long video-game-athon!

Hardback, Paperback or ecopy?
ecopy! An ereader lets you read with one hand and still use the other hand for getting snacks, loading DVDs, putting dresses on Barbies, cooking (or burning) dinner....

Calling or texting?
Email! Hahaha! I can talk on the phone until I get an ear infection, but I text like I have enormous, swollen thumbs!

Liz has kindly agreed for me to host a giveaway or either Double Clutch or Junk Miles or both books.  To enter just fill in the rafflecopter form below.
Its a new version of the form so if there are any problems leave a comment.

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  1. Thank you so much for having me!! I absolutely loved these interview questions ;)!!

  2. aaah I need to read this!!! I will try to squeeze it in between now and New Years before I read my next review book :D

  3. Thanks for the giveaway!

    ~Christina Madison

  4. Ah. Chocolate and Italy! Heaven. Haha. What a fun, awesome interview. Isn't Liz just a dear? Her books are not only great, but worth the time reviewing--and gushing about! Hehe. Off to read JM! Have a great week!

    New Follower:)
    Rockee @Rockee♥Musik♥Reads

  5. Thank you so much for the awesome interview and giveaway!!


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