Monday, 26 December 2011

Review: The Court Painter's Apprentice by Richard Knight

Title: The Court Painter's Apprentice
Authour: Richard Knight
Source: UK Book Tours
Publication Date: USA:Jan 1st 2012|UK:1st Jan 2012
"Paint what you see, Johann; not what you think you see".
This is the advice that Hugo, master portrait painter, gives to his protege, Johann. But Johann's talent for painting the truth runs deeper than anyone can ever imagine.
Johann soon discovers who changing the portraits he paints can change the lives of his subjects - from fixing the pock-marked skin of a lowly serving girl, to changing the course of history by painting a petulant and spoiled heir to the empire as a noble ruler.
But with the power to bring good fortune to those around him, Johann is soon tempted to change his own...

Hugo is an artist who hires Johann as his apprentice, trains him, encourages him and teaches him everything he knows.  Soon Johann is more skilled than Hugo and begins to accept commissions and paint pictures himself.
Johann has a gift, and is able to paint the persons soul as he sees it.  Soon people flock to get their portrait painted by Johann.

The Court Painter's Apprentice had so much possibility from the description alone but I thought it was just an OK read.  I managed to read it in a few hours and although I thought the idea behind it was good I only continued to read to see what happens next.
The writing was OK and kept most of my attention but once finished I could only remember vague bits about the story itself.  I am not too sure what made me not like the book as much as what I thought I would, maybe the time period it was set in just wasn't appealing to me.

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