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Review: Stormswept by Helen Dunmore

Title: Stormswept
Author: Helen Dunmore
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Publisher
Publication Date: USA:Jan 5th 2012|UK:5th Jan 2012
Tell Me About It
Morveren lives with her parents and twin sister Jenna on an island off the coast of Cornwall - an island that in the long distant past was devastated by a tidal wave, its halls and people lost. Only some of those taken by the sea may not have been lost at all! Now, as Morveren and Jenna's relationship shifts and changes, like driftwood on the tide, Morveren finds a beautiful teenage boy in a rock pool after a storm. Going to his rescue, she is shocked to see that he is not human but a Mer boy. With Jenna refusing to face the truth, Morveren finds herself alone at the worst possible time. Because when the worlds of Air and Mer meet, the consequences can be terrible!
[from goodreads]

My Thoughts
When I first received my copy of Stormswept I was unsure of whether I would be able to read it without having read any of the previous books in the series.  I was happy to find that Stormswept stands alone by itself as a great read and I did not feel like I had missed out on any of the plot or continuing story by not having read any of the other books.

Stormswept is about a girl called Morveren who lives with her family on an tiny island, and on helping search for a missing sailor stumbles upon Malin, a mer boy, and makes it her mission to help him get back to Ingo.  However it's not as easy as a task as imagined and Morveren ends up getting involved in the world of Ingo and discovers a secret to her heritage.

Stormswept is the second book I have read that involves mer people and I found myself really enjoying it even though it is aimed at a much younger age than I am and what I usually read.
I really felt like I could get lost in the world that Helen write about, not only the island that Morveren lives on with her family, but also the world of Ingo.  The scenes described made it easy to imagine everything that was happening and it only took a short while to read as I wanted to find out what was happening next.
After finishing Stormswept I intend to read the previous books in the series to see where it all started and will be looking out for the next book in the series if one is released.

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