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Review: The 58th Keeper

Title: The 58th Keeper
Author: R. G. Bullet
Source: Author
Genre: Young Adult
Publication Date: USA:Oct 29th 2011|UK:29th Oct 2011
Tell Me About It
The 58th Keeper is the story of a boy called Archy Bass, who stumbles upon a mysterious and powerful relic. The moment he touches it, two warring forces race to find his whereabouts. One side thinks he’s simply too young and too inexperienced to keep it, and the other just want him dead.
[from goodreads]
My Thoughts
Archy, our main character, lives with a foster Mother, who sends him to a boarding school.  Here he meets Vinnie, who invites Archy on a trip to Egypt with his family.
While there Archy unknowingly swaps all he owns for what he thinks is a magic rug, when in reality it is Shroud, and Archy is tasked with looking after it and protecting it from the Kurul.
After getting to know Archy but still not sure about his ability to protect the shroud, he is sent of a perilous mission to return a relic back to its right time line. With the help of Vinnie and Georgia, they travel back in time to return the relic, with no guarantee of it being successful or that they will be able to return back to the present time.
I really enjoyed reading The 58th Keeper and loved the storytelling about how the shroud came to be and all the things it can do.  I loved the secret part of the government that deals with the 'Keepers of the shroud' and how they try to make sure time runs along as it should.
R. G. Bullet has wrote a story that kept me hooked all the way through, wanting to know what would happen to Archy and his friends, and if their mission would be successful or not.  I loved how each chapter had its own little pictures that were relevant to that chapter and it broke up the writing, rather than it be continuous and I look forward to seeing what else this author comes up with next.

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