Thursday, 23 February 2012

Review: Forgiving Trinity by Liz Reinhardt

Title: Forgiving Trinity
Author: Liz Reinhardt
Genre: Young Adult/Contemporary
Source: Author
Publication Date:USA:Dec 23rd 2011|UK:Dec 23rd 2011
Tell Me About It
At seventeen, Trinity McCabe has already made enough mistakes to fill a lifetime. Especially the one where she got high, drove a car, and almost killed a dog. And then let her friend Aidan take the blame.

She’s clean now and desperate to fix the messes she’s made, but first she’s going to have to get out of her pajamas.

As Trinity struggles to stop sleepwalking through life, she faces the painful, tingling sensation of waking up. It’s sometimes embarrassing (she really didn’t want to have lunch with Aidan’s mom), sometimes terrifying (group therapy is beyond intimidating), and sometimes, amazingly enough, pretty romantic (who’d have though Aidan would be such a great kisser?)

Trin is lucky, though—luckier than she deserves, she’s sure—and she doesn’t travel this road alone. Her family, her therapist, and her new friends are all pulling for her. And it turns out, some of them have made pretty big mistakes, too.

But before she can embrace her new life completely, Trinity has to be forgiven by the one person who is holding out the hardest: herself. It’s not easy changing everything, especially when you don’t think you deserve a second chance. Trinity might make an even bigger mess of things before she figures that out.

When the smoke clears on her latest disaster, will anyone still be standing there?
My Thoughts
Although I have read Liz's other books, Double Clutch and Junk Miles, Forgiving Trinity is completely different to them.  It deals with hard hitting issues that everyone may have to deal with, drugs, love, loss and even more so family reactions and how they suffer with the consequences.
Admittedly it took me a while to get into Forgiving Trinity, but as soon as I was hooked there was no stopping me and I quickly finished it.
Liz has done a great job of portraying the thoughts and feelings of people involved with what is happening in Forgiving Trinity and although I have not experienced anything that is happening, it was easy to feel sympathy  for the characters. 
I really admire Trinity for how, once she made her decision she stuck with it and tried her hardest to do what was good, not only for here but for everyone she touches in her life and when she has to make a tough decision, she sticks with it, not only to help herself stay on the right path, but also for the other person to get better.
Fans of Liz should pick up a copy of this book to see what different style writing Liz can offer. different

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