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Review: Bound by Sarah Bryant

Title: Bound
Author: Sarah Bryant
Author Info:Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Publisher via author
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 1st Feb 2012

Tell Me About It
There are no such things as monsters, Sophie told herself.  No demons,, no witches, no ghosts...

Except that all of her life, Sophie has been seeing things--wraith-like apparitions which freeze her blood, and which no-one else can see.  She's managed to convince herself that they're all in her imagination--to live a normal life.  But then she meets the alluring Sam, who seems to see them too, and her life goes from strange to terrifying.  Sophie's search for answers lead to a dreadful question:

What happens when an angel falls?
[taken from back of book]

My Thoughts
When I first got an email off Sarah asking to review her book I will admit that I had never heard of her.  But after reading the synopsis of Bound I was very intrigued and really wanted to find out what it was all about.
Sophie Creedon, leaves her home of London for Ardnasheen, Scotland and starts new job a barmaid in pub run by Rhadhri.  She quickly becomes friends with Ailsa, who not only is the other barmaid, but also stays in Madainneag with Sophie.  However strange occurrences start to happen, and the ever mysterious Sam and Lucas make appearances at convenient time to save Sophie.  As the plot thickens we eventually learn more about Sophie and her 'gifts' and find out the true reason for Sam and Lucas being in the right place at the right time.

Bound took me a while to get through, partly because it is a big read, but also because I wanted to make sure I had not missed out on any hints and clues that were dangled in front of me like a carrot on a stick.  I had my suspicions about who/what Sam and Lucas were but I could never quite put my finger on it and I desperately wanted to find out for myself rather than have it revealed through the book.  I am glad to say my suspicions were on the right lines, but not exactly correct.

Bound has some basis on angelology and old myths and legends, which kept it interesting, but also didn't take the focus away from the characters.  It felt like all the pieces tied together nicely and I learnt a few facts along with Sophie.  The creatures that were involved with the storyline even had me fooled at one point or another and was happily surprised to find them in this story.  The last few chapters had me sitting on the edge of my seat and I could not turn the pages fast enough to find out what woud happen next and find out what choice Sophie makes.

The village of Ardnasheen sounds like an idyllic place, and if all the mythical creatures were taken out of it would be a great place to go and relax in.  Each character in the book has his or her own personality and manages to make themselves be heard without being overpowering.  I fell in love with Ailsa immediately, and really liked how welcoming and friendly she was to Sophie, and even after hearing the strange things Sophie tells her is still there for her, even at the very end of the book.  Sophie is likeable, and even though she sees things others don't I think she is a well balanced character, perfectly opposite to Ailsa but perfect for her choice of boyfriend.

Sophie has drawn me into her world with her writing and I am eagerly waiting to find out what happens next.

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