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Review: Stalked By Spirits by Vivian Campbell

Title: Stalked By Spirits
Author: Vivian Campbell
Author Info:Website|Blog|Facebook
Genre: Paranormal
Source: Netgalley
Format: eBook
Publication Date:USA:April 8th 2012|UK:8th April 2012
Tell Me About It
Haunted since childhood, Vivian Campbell has encountered angry wraiths, mischievous child spirits, terrorizing demons, and all sorts of bizarre, unearthly beings. Vivian relives these chilling and thrilling experiences in Stalked by Spirits, including how she and her family suffered violent phantom attacks, received small favors from a little girl ghost, negotiated with a demanding spirit, welcomed back a dearly departed pet, tolerated ghostly attendance at holiday dinners and Girl Scout meetings, and waged hair-raising battles with an evil entity threatening their baby daughter.
Taking us inside a variety of spirit-infested, often beautiful places--a stone mansion in the Tennessee mountains, a century-old college dorm, the first apartment she shared with her new husband, and the beloved Florida home that's been in her family for generations--these true tales vividly capture an extraordinary and haunted life.
[from goodreads]
My Thoughts
When I started Stalked By Spirits I thought it was an interesting read.  We get to read about the experiences the author has had with ghosts and spirits as she has grown up.  They have always been there, either visible to the eye or noises in the background.  Some of these experiences were not so good and I literally had goosebumps up my arms, while some experiences were nice, like the little girl that liked to help out (who was my favourite by miles)
When we read of some of the horrifying experiences the author has gone through its hard to imagine still wanting to be around spirits and ghosts.  If I had personally experienced the scary face, the mist type spirits that made everything dark, or even the spider type spirit I would definitely be looking up ways to get rid of them all.  Yet there are some nice parts to Stalked By Spirits too.  There is an old woman who wants to be the host of a tea party and sulks when she obviously can't be a host, or the little old man who hangs around the room, or the little girl who wants to play with the author daughter and likes helping out around the house like opening doors when people have their hands full.

Although I really liked some of the ghosts and the way the experience was described with enough detail to allow me to image and feel what it was like, I didn't enjoy this book as much as I have done with similar books like this.  It might just have been that I have read too many books about the same subject too close together, which is entirely my own fault and I will take this lesson with me and remember to leave gaps between similar books.  I would definitely give this book another try in the future and anyone who enjoys paranormal books should give this one a try.

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