Thursday, 31 May 2012

Review: Dead Time by Anne Cassidy

Title: Dead Time
Author: Anne Cassidy
Author Info: Website
Genre: Mystery
Source: Blogger event
Format: Proof
Publication Date: 22nd May 2012

Tell Me About It
Rose and Joshua first met when Joshua and his dad came to live with Rose and her mum. Then their world turns upside down when their mother and father go out for dinner one evening and never return. With police inquiries going nowhere, Rose is dispatched to live with her chilly, unfriendly grandmother and Joshua is sent to live with his uncle. Then Joshua comes to London to study and Rose is witness to not one, but two murders. Why is this happening to Rose? Can it be anything to do with the investigations Joshua has been doing into the disappearance of their parents?

My Thoughts
I had not heard of this book prior to the blogging event I attended earlier this year.  After doing a bit of research (goodreads) I liked the sound of it and added it to my review pile.
Dead Time follows Rose, who is a witness to a murder as she is on her way to meet Joshua.  When she eventually get's home Joshua is waiting for her, and thus begins the catch up of years they have missed out on, and also researching to find their parents, that disappeared.

Took a while for me to get into the book, probably about a quarter of the way in, usually I would have given up by then but there was something to keep me interested and wanting to keep reading to find out more hoping to find out what happened to their parents or find out who the murderer is.
There are a few characters in Dead Time but I didn't really connect with most of them.  Rose seemed immature and selfish, she had lots of opportunity to go to the police about what she learns but decides to take it upon herself and investigate the clues.  Joshua I felt was too focused on finding his Dad and Rose's Mum and I felt he could have given more to the book if he had had other objectives.  Skeggsie was probably one of the few characters I liked.  Although he doesn't like Rose at first, he helps them both out.  His geekyness and insecurities made him stand out more than the rest of the characters and he has awesome computer skills.

As the book progressed I kept reading, wanting to find out if they find thier parents or not and get closure, but I felt the book didn't really get anywhere.  Yes the murderer is discovered but nothing is actually done about it and it's passed off by Rose and Joshua as a tide over, something to use later on to their advantage.  The book mentioned in the synopsis was something that I thought would play a main role in the plot, but it's just something mentioned later on and doesn't really have anything to do with most of the book.

I thought Dead Time had great promise to be an amazing read but it just manages 'ok'

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