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Stacking The Shelves #3

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Stacking The Shelves is all about the books we are adding to our shelves each week, sharing
with you our excitement for our newest titles and maybe have you discover a new book in the
This week I have received...

The Selection by Kiera Cass from netgalley
Black Dawn by Rachel Caine from Allison & Busby
Saving June by Hannah Harrington from Mira Ink

Clarity by Kim Harrington from Scholastic
Dads, Geeks and Blue Haired Freaks by Ellie Philips from Egmont

I thought this week was going to be quiet and I did not receive these books till Friday and Saturday.  Unfortunately I did not get Black Dawn in time for the Liverpool signing with Rachel Caine, but luckily I am going to York next week to see her again so that will be making the trip up with me.

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I got to get all 10 of my Morganville Vampires Books signed (I have book one signed from event a few years ago) and Rachel's husband even drew inside one of them for me :D.  We also got a goodie bag from Allison & Busby with a luggage tag and card holder.  Waterstones also had bookmarks so I got one signed for me and one for Bungle @ Midnight Reads.

I also received this

I got this medal for taking part in a Dream Walk for The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.
It is something very close to my heart and I did this for my Dad.  I walked 9k with some friends from work in our pyjamas.  It was freezing, windy and my legs are feeling it today (Sat) but totally worth it.
We had to follow a route and stick to it, with stewards spread out along the way in case we needed help.  Along the way we had cars beeping us all as they drove past, the stewards clapped us all telling us "well done" and "keep going",  people clapped as we walked past their houses and cheered us on.  It was so heart warming to see these strangers supporting  us and it has completely changed my outlook to others.


  1. Wow, great haul Michelle! Sounds like a busy week too, well done for completing your work, and congrats on getting the Morganville Series signed. Happy reading :)

  2. That walk sounds amazing! I did the Marsden March - a 16mile walk for Marsden Hospital, a specialist cancer hospital a couple of months ago as my Mum is being treated there at the moment and it was fantastic. As you said so many people supported it and sponsored - it was very moving! I hope you get the feeling back in your legs soon!

    Oh, and great haul - The Selection looks good and I've heard lost of postive things about Saving June. :)

  3. I have a copy of the Selection that I still have to read, and Clarity on my Kobo that I have to get to as well lol. Enjoy your books, and it's great that you did that walk in your pjs for a good cause :)

  4. New Follower! You got some nice books this week! The Selection is sitting on my shelf and I hope to get to it soon. Hopping thru checking out mailboxes! Come see what I got at Gimme's Goodies this week! Happy Reading!

  5. I loved both Clarity and Saving June so much! There's something entirely unforhettable about Saving June, I'm glad the paperback edition will get more people to read it.

    Here's our Sunday post


  6. Ah, that medal and Clarity!! So jealous! ;)

    Happy reading!

    My Showcase Sunday

  7. I've got a signed Black Dawn too and the bookmark. I won them!

    Letterbox Love!

  8. I'd like to read the Selection. so many hated it, but it sounds so good.

  9. I got an eARC of THE SELECTION from Edelweiss a while ago and really hope to read it soon - it sounds sooo awesome! :)
    And this Dream Walk sounds amazing and really beautiful!

  10. I've not long got back fom Rachel's signing in Birmingham :) am halfway through black dawn and reading saving June next!

  11. Awesome books this week!! I loved The Selection and I hope you like it as well!!

    Enjoy all your new reads and thanks for stopping by :)

  12. Lots of lovely books. So jealous of you seeing Rachel Caine.

    Happy Reading

    My Showcase Sunday

  13. Gosh, I want to read The Selection so bad! I'm excited to read Saving June soon though. Happy reading! :D

    Here's Mine @ Pinkindle Reads & Reviews

  14. That Dream Walk sounds like an amazing experience. I wanted to read The Selection but wasn't available for my country boo. Great Haul!

    My Weekly Wrap Up

  15. Nice haul! And congrats on getting so many signed by Rachel! Love her books, but have never met her so am a little jealous. j/k ;)

    Enjoy your new goodies! And congrats on completing the Dream Walk!

    Here's my post.

  16. lovely books, Michelle! I really want to read The Selection :) Enjoy all your reads!

  17. Great books! :) I got The Selection too! :) I also got Saving June but completely forgot to put it up! :( I was going to go to the book signing too, but didn't go in the end! Congratulations on your medal! I do the Race for Life every year and I'm proud of my medals too :)

  18. I read Saving June awhile back and I loved it! I hope you enjoy everything you got this week! Here's my IMM + Weekly wrap up!

    ~Paige @ Comfort Books

  19. I'Ve been wanting to read that Rachel Caine series for EVERZ!! I really have to get to that. And I still want to read Saving June too! :)

  20. I'm really curious about The Selection. It seems like an interesting book but I've sworn it from my wish-list after all the drama surrounding the author. I wonder what it's really like... hmm.

    1. Must have missed all the dram surrounding the author :)

  21. Ahh The Selection! I want that book so bad! But it doesn't come out in paperback here in NZ till June. So I'm going to have to wait.

    Woww, so I remember reading the first few books of The Morganville Vampire series a few years ago. I stopped because they just weren't my cup of tea. I am shocked to see there are now thirteen books in the series! Wow that's a lot!

    My Showcase Sunday

  22. Great haul! I am in awe of your walk for charity, that's amazing and for such a great cause! Well done! :)

  23. Enjoy your books and HUGE CONGRATS on your charity walk!!


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