Monday, 23 July 2012

We have lots of winners

Finally I can post the list of winners for my blogoversary. All winners have been contacted and hopefully prizes will be with you soon if they aren't already.  Please check out my giveaway policy in regards to information passed onto authors and also prize related issues.

The Winners Are...

Winner of Susan Kay Quinn's giveaway of Closed Hearts or Open Minds & Mind Games is...Felicia S

Winner of Cameo Renae's giveaway of In My Dreams is...Sara V

Winner of Jeyn Robert's giveaway of Dark Inside is...Victoria Z

Winner of Emlyn Chand's giveaway of Farsighted and Honey the Hero is...Nora

Winner of my swag giveaway is...Nina

Winners of Jessi Kirby's giveaway of Moonglass and In Honor are...Victoria Z and Felicia S

Winner of Marta Acosta's giveaway of Dark Companion is...Molly

Winner of Katie Dale's giveaway of Someone Else's Life is...Michelle A

Winner of Cheryl Rainfield's giveaway of Scars or Hunted is...Nora-Adrienne

Winner of Marie Landry's giveaway of Blue Sky days is...Kr W

Winner of Holly Robinson's giveaway of Sleeping Tigers is...Natalie

Winner of Jana Oliver's giveaway of Demon Trapper goodies is...Kate W

Winner of Liz Reinhardt's giveaway of Double Clutch, Junk Miles or any of her ebooks is...Andrea B

I want to thank everyone who took part in my blogoversary, and a big HELLO and thank you to my new followers.

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