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Teenage Musical Prodigy Turns Author in HarperCollins Children’s Books’ Latest Acquisition

An astonishing fantasy debut from an 18-year-old classical musician has been acquired by Nick Lake at HarperCollins. Rights for the UK and Commonwealth were secured from HarperCollins US (Greenwillow Books) for two titles by author Stefan Bachmann, an American teenager studying music at the Zürich Conservatory in Switzerland, who began writing The Peculiar at just 16 years old.

Other authors have been rushing to praise this superb debut and as a result HarperCollins will publish in hardback in September 2012, and follow up with a paperback in the Spring:

“Swift, strong and entertaining. Highly recommended.”
Christopher Paolini, author of The Inheritance Cycle

“Stefan Bachmann's sparkling debut is sure to get a lot of well-deserved notice. He
breathes fresh life into ancient magic.”

Rick Riordan, author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Described by the writer himself as “gothic-steampunk-faery-fantasy”, The Peculiar is set in an intriguing and original landscape – an alternative Victorian England where wolves pull taxicabs and flame faeries on lampposts light your way home at night.
The extraordinary story follows Bartholomew Kettle, a changeling child. He is despised by both his races; if the humans don’t hang him for witchcraft, the faeries will do something worse. So his mother keeps him locked away. But then changelings start surfacing in the Thames, their bodies empty of blood and bone and their skin etched with red tattoos. Now something is coming for Bartholomew. But when you're a changeling, there's nowhere to run...

Bachman plans to compose musical pieces to be released throughout the publication season of both The Peculiar and the sequel. The music will be utilised into a fully integrated multimedia ebook. There will be three of these “Peculiar Pieces” available at publication, along with the intro, which can be heard here:

Stefan was born in Colorado before moving to Switzerland when he was a year old. He
started classes at the Zürich Conservatory in 2004 when he was 11, and from then on was
homeschooled for his academic classes. He became a junior student in 2008, and was
admitted into the young talent program in 2009. Stefan plays the organ, piano, violin, recorder, and harmonica, and is studying composition. He began writing The Peculiar in
2010, when he was just 16 years old.

Nick Lake said, “Stefan Bachmann is a disgustingly talented young man, and The Peculiar is just the kind of book I love. Readers of almost all ages will be utterly enchanted by this magical and beautifully written tale, as well as by the exceptional fusion of storytelling and music that will come from experiencing the book alongside its brilliant soundtrack.”

Learn more about Stefan on his blog:
And via his Twitter: @Stefan_Bachmann

Hodder buys Lost meets Battlestar Galactica science--fiction thriller

Editorial director Kate Howard and assistant editor Harriet Bourton of Hodder & Stoughton have acquired debut author Kass Morgan’s thrilling two-book YA series The Hundred from Sara Shandler and Joelle Hobeika at Alloy Entertainment (World English), with US rights to Elizabeth Bewley at Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.
The books are scheduled for publication in Spring 2014 and Fall 2014.

The series follows 100 teenagers, all harbouring dark secrets, who leave their homes – enormous, city-like spaceships – to re-colonize barely recognizable Earth, only to discover that no matter how far from home they are, they cannot escape their pasts.

Harriet Bourton says: ‘I knew I was going to find it impossible to put THE HUNDRED down
from the very first paragraph. The world we are transported to is so vividly imagined and convincingly realised, and our view of this disturbing place is garnered from a truly remarkable cast of young adults.’

Cover Reveal: Department 19: Battle Lines

Will Hill has revealed the cover for the third installment in the Department 19 Series

How much do you love this cover.  Will has lucked out on amazing covers for his books so far, but this one beats them all.

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  1. Wow, The Hundred sounds amazing!! So glad you found this. I'm def going to be stalking it pre-release. And seriously? A teenage music prodigy who is also getting published?? I feel so unaccomplished, haha. Great post, Michelle!


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