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Review: Left To Love by Jolene B. Perry

Title: Left To Love
Author: Jolene B. Perry
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Romance
Series: Next Door Boys #2
Source: Purchased myself
Format: eBook
Publication Date: 8th June 2012

Tell Me About It
Leigh’s life is shaping up to be pretty perfect.

She married the father of a little boy she fell in love with. They live in a nice house, on a quiet street, and her hobby of a sewing business is keeping her busier than she ever imagined. She’s back in touch with her brother who she hasn’t seen since she was a child, and her new husband has an “in” for his dream job when he graduates in the spring.

But when her small symptoms begin to lead up to something big - she has to face the shattering realization that her cancer is back.

Leigh struggles with her new marriage, her faith, her desire to adopt the little boy who calls her mom, and the strength to keep fighting for her life.

My Thoughts
After reading The Next Door Boys I became a fan of Jolene Perry.  When I realised Left To Love had been put online to purchase I picked up a copy straight away and dove straight in.  Since this is a review of my own book then I have fit it into my reviews for publishers, which is why its only just being put up now, months after publication.  This review is also hard to write as it's a subject matter very close to my own heart, and already my eyes are welling up.
Leigh and Brian are married and Left To Love picks up on their honeymoon.  Upon returning home they discover that Leigh's sewing business has picked up and she makes the decision to leave school to work full time at sewing.  Soon Leigh is getting tired, achy and she eventually put her signs and symptoms down to her cancer returning.  After a doctors visit, the bad news is confirmed, the cancer is back.  Leigh now has to make choices that are hard to make, knowing that she may lose her Husband and Son.

Left To Love is a heartbreaking journey, not only for Leigh, Brian, and their family and friends, but also for myself.  Reading Left To Love gave us an insight into Brian's feelings and how he is trying to cope with the news but be brave for Leigh at the same time.  You can see it taking it's toll on themselves, and their relationship. The feeling and thoughts that are portrayed are very realistic, and they hit home a LOT.
The support system Leigh has is amazing and I love how everyone showed their own support.  Either being there to help look after Nathan, keeping an eye on Leigh, even down to the simple act of the boys shaving their heads for her.  Brian amazed me, I loved what he did with the dog tags and putting a positive spin on things and using them as a countdown.  Nathan is as adorable as ever, and even though he is only young he supports Leigh in his own little way and it makes her day so much brighter.

I liked how Jolene has shown the difficult times, not only in marriage, but with having to deal with cancer, treatment and it's effects. Not everything in life is perfect and reading about how Leigh and Brian are struggling yet still making it work made it easy to believe in their reality and their own little world.  Jolene has managed to write a book that I was unable to put down, and even through the tears and heartbreak I finished it in one sitting.  Left To Love is a must read and I can't wait to see what happen next in Leigh's and Brian's world.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing book, so thank you for a great review!


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