Monday, 5 November 2012

Review: A Crystal Horseman by Benjamin J. Myers

Title: A Crystal Horseman
Author:  Benjamin J. Myers
Author Info: Website
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: The Bad Tuesdays #5
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 28th August 2011

Tell Me About It
Chess must decide who to trust as things begin to spiral out of control. Box is now part of the Twisted Symmetry's Elite Cavalry. Has he forgotten where his loyalties lie? Is it too late? Or can he still help Chess in her struggle to stop the Twisted Symmetry's sinister plan?

My Thoughts
Finally, Box gets his own book and we get to see exactly how much he has changed, not only as a person but also physically, but deep down inside he is still the same old Box that we know and love, who wants nothing more than to find Chess, and also wonder when his next meal will be. From the minute I began reading I was hooked, and finished this book faster than the previous instalments.

From the minute the book is opened it is packed full of action and adventure, with fighting and wars with supernatural creatures that you risk your life just getting close enough to kill. We get to see Box working as part of an amazing fighting group with some close friends and pack mates, who are with him all the way through thick and thin. A Crystal Horseman also lets us back into Anna's world and we get to see her amazing fighting skills in action, both in practise and in a real fight, and she is one talented girl.

A Crystal Horseman was a book I was unable to put down, and although I stated that The Nonsuch King was my favourite book, this one has topped it. Box has a special place in my heart and seeing him grow up from a chubby street rat, to a fighter and someone who fights for what is right and what he believes in has been a great journey, and although the ending was one I didn't like, I can't wait to see what happens now, not only for Chess but also Box.

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