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Review: The Specialists:Model Spy by Shannon Greenland

Title: The Specialists:Model Spy
Author: Shannon Greenland
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Spy thriller
Series: The Specialists #1
Source: Netgalley
Format: eGalley
Publication Date: 10th May 2007

Tell Me About It
Teen genius Kelly James is in a lot of hot water. A whiz with computers, she agreed to help her college RA, David, uncover some top-secret information. After all, she doesn't have many friends and David has always been nice to her. it doesn't hurt that he's supercute and irresistible, too. All she has to do is hack into the government's main computer system. but a few hours later, her whole life changes. she is caught and taken in for questioning, only this isn't your run-of-the-mill arrest. rather than serve a juvenile detention sentence, she accepts the option to change her name and enlist in a secret government spy agency that trains teen agents to go undercover. As if that wasn't overwhelming enough, she discovers that David works for this agency as well! And before she even begins to understand what is going on, she's sent on her first mission as an undercover model. And who better to partner with than David himself!

My Thoughts
I have previously read a book by Shannon Greenland and really enjoyed it, so when I saw Model Spy on netgalley for a read now I knew I had to get a copy.  The first glimpse we get of the protagonist is a lot of computer language, and initially I thought there was a problem with the formatting for the kindle version, but as I read further I realised it was computer coding, causing her to be late for class, which leads to her arrest.  As the reasons for her arrest were explained I had to admire Kelly's computer skills and I wish I had even a small amount of her skills on computers myself.

One of the things I really liked about Model Spy, was the different mix of characters and their skills that they bring to the table, chemist, clairvoyant, linguistic, electrician, martial artist, and the code names they each have when on a mission suited them perfectly.  I enjoyed getting to see this eclectic mix of personalities work and train together and see how they bounce off each other.  While Model Spy is mainly focused on Kelly herself, the others all have a hand in her mission, and from looking at upcoming books in this series each character has their own book for their own story, which I am looking forward to reading.

Kelly is an adorable protagonist.  She may look like a supermodel, but really she is some super brainy person who is also very clumsy, and this made her believable as a person, and I eagerly read Model Spy, wanting to know whether her mission was successful and if anything comes from her feelings for David.  The mission she is sent on is fraught with danger, and while I did think being sent on this mission was too fast and too soon for her, she manages to keep her head and follow all instructions that keep her safe.  I'm not going to say if it was a success or not, or even what the mission is about, but it certainly kept my attention.

Model Spy is a refreshing change from my recent reads, and while it was a quick read for me I enjoyed every page of it.  I am counting down the days to pay day so I can get the rest of the series for my kindle app.

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