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Review: Falling by Jolene Perry

Title: Falling
Author: Jolene Perry
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: New Adult|Romance
Source: Purchased by myself
Format: eBook
Publication Date: 24th October 2012

Tell Me About It
Dana is definitely not the kind of girl to be living in the dump of a wilderness lodge she finds herself waitressing in. But when Craig, the sexy cop who’s handling the murder case where she’s a witness, suggests it—it seems like a good idea. Now she’s got no BMW, no shopping and an assortment of hairy Alaskan men who definitely belong in a run-down old lodge. Her exciting visits from Craig are getting less exciting, and the lodge owner, Jason, is quickly moving from grouchy and judgmental, to funny, smart and unexpectedly complex.

Jason knows exactly the type of girl Dana is—beautiful, spoiled, and high maintenance. She’s everything that hurt him in the past, and why he now lives as far away from city life as he can manage. If he wasn’t so hard-up for help, he would have never said yes to his friend, Craig. Despite his reservations, Dana becomes the perfect antidote to everything in his life—both his disaster of a divorce and precocious little sister who shows up on his doorstep. Jason realizes he’s falling for Dana too late to stop it, or even slow it down.

As the trial approaches, Dana knows it’s time to move on with her life—but is her life back in the city she left or with a guy she never meant to fall for?

My Thoughts
I have loved every book I have read by Jolene Perry so far, so when I found out about Falling I knew I had to have a copy of it.  Unfortunately it had been pushed to the side so I could concentrate on my review pile.  Recently I found myself stuck reading one book for a whole week, and not making much progress, it was nothing to do with the book just my head not really with it.  I decided to take a break from 'official reviewing', to 'reviewing for fun' with no pressure and tackle one of my own TBR books.  What better way to try to get out of my funk, and tackle my only challenge this year, by reading Falling.

Craig, Jason and Dana are complete opposites.  Craig, a trooper, is Dana's knight in shining armour, rescuing her from her crashed car, Jason takes her under his wing and watches out for her at his lodge, while she is waiting for a trial date.  Dana comes from a rich background and doesn't want for anything, but still has morals.
Jason, having had to send his sister Justina back home after she hid how far behind in school she was, is a person short in running the Lodge, and thanks to Craig's quick thinking he ends up with Dana as extra help.  While this union isn't exactly excepted with open arms I like how Dana and Jason live and work together in a half harmonic way, both going about their business trying to ignore the other, but being amicable when the need strikes.

I really enjoyed reading Falling, and it was prefect to get me out of my funk.  The characters Jolene creates are likeable and believable, and that makes it easy to fall into their world.  The lodge sounds like an ideal location, if you ignore the little touch of paint it needs, being able to wake up and just walk out into the snow is the best thing in the world for me, and while it may be secluded, to me it felt like it would be easy to make friends with regulars, and the snow definitely makes it that much better.   I did feel sorry for Dana however after the fact, while she knew what she was getting into, instead of finding out the truth she went with what she was told and wanted to believe, while I don't agree with what she did, no matter the situation, I did want to give her a big squeeze when the truth was thrown in her face.  I will also admit to cheering a little for her when she stood up for herself, and for being determined to do the right thing.
The was no instant attraction between this duo and I enjoyed getting to see their friendship slowly build over time, with lots of ups and down, and the chemistry between them certainly kept me wanting to know more and learn more about what would happen next.  Once again Jolene has written a great piece of work, one that I am sure I will re-read very soon.

[Book read for 2013 To Be Read Pile Challenge]

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  1. Not read anything by Jolene Perry before, off to goodreads to look up books!


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