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Review: Devil's Due by Rachel Caine

Title: Devil's Due
Author: Rachel Caine
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook|Tumblr
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Red Letter Days #2
Source: Netgalley
Format: eGalley
Publication Date: 1st Feb 2013

Tell Me About It
The psychic world will never be the same again...

Lucia Garza is trapped in a supernatural power struggle. To save a friend she adreed to work for sinister psychic organisation The Cross Society. But after a death threat that almost succeeds, she's starting to think they want her out of the way. Forever.

Worse, as Lucia uncovers the society's most dangerous secrets, she discovers that she's being used as a pawn between two warring paranormal factions. Caught in a battle no-one can win, Lucia's only choice could be to go against long told prophecy to destroy both the Cross Socitey and its sworn enemies. But what are the consequences of defying destiny?

My Thoughts
I read the previous book in this series last year, Devil's Bargain, and have been waiting for Devil's Due to be re-released so I could read it.  When I found it on netgalley I was very excited and requested it immediately.  The Cross Society and Eidolon are still on the scene, and sometimes I got confused over what their initial purpose was and whether they were 'Team Good' or 'Team Bad', but as the story progressed it became clearer what side they were on.

Getting to catch up with Jazz and Lucia and get involved with all the action was great.  Getting to see more of Manny and Pansy and how their relationship is progressing was an added bonus.  Manny is just a quirky as ever and Pansy surprised me by not acting like I thought she would, she is actually quite tough on the inside but they way she is portrayed originally made this a pleasant surprise.

I really enjoyed Devil's Due more than the previous book.  There is even more tension and action and at one point I had doubts over whether certain characters would survive.  Some questions left over from Devil's Bargain are answered and some lose ends are tied up.  The last few chapters I could not read fast enough. I HAD to know what was going to happen and if Jazz and Lucia's plan would work or fail.

One thing I really liked is how the friendship between Jazz and Lucia has developed more and that they are closer, not only as partners but also friends.  They each have the others back no matter what, even if they probably couldn't save their own life in the state they are in, and you can actually feel how strong their bonds are, when one worried over the other I found myself worrying with them.

Devil's Due was a quick read but one that I really enjoyed and did not want to end.

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