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Thoughtful Thursday: A Day In The Life

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I saw this link on A Daydreamers Thoughts blog, so I thought I would take a page out of The Aussie Zombies book and do a day in the life of a blogger.  Before I began blogging I would read whenever I wanted to with no schedule or deadline to work towards.  I could pick books at random and put them down for long periods of time without feeling guilty.
I will admit to walking into blogging with my eyes shut, and didn't realise how much time and effort went into blogging.  Reading books for my blog took on a whole new meaning, now I found myself reading on deadlines, finishing books as fast as possible and making sure to take plenty of notes for reviews.  The Aussie Zombies made a post about a day in their life so below you will find what it's like for me.

I work full time in a nursery but also in shifts, so one week I can be on lates starting work at 9.30, or a week of earlies starting either 7.45 or 8.15 depending on the staff in the room. This Day In The Life of a Book Blogger will be an ideal day where I actually get out of bed on time and I am on a late shift.

6.30 - My first alarm goes off, yes you read that right, my first alarm.
7.00 - My second and final alarm goes off and I slowly wake myself up with the help of my cat coming in to meow at me.
7.05-8.05 - I stumble into the kitchen to make a coffee and get some breakfast. As my coffee is cooling I eat breakfast and continue to stumble around making sure I have everything in my bag.  Once its organised I jump in the shower, find my less wrinkled uniform, throw my hair up in to a pony tail and quickly drink my almost cold coffee while putting my lunch in my bag.
8.05 - I leave the house with my trusty faithful iPod Classic (yes its old, but in the 5 years I have had it not once has it let me down) and walk 5 mins to the bus station and wait another 5-10 mins for the bus to arrive.
8.20-8.30 - Listening to my iPod, usually an audiobook as I make my way to work on the bus.
8.30-9.30 - Put my stuff away in my locker, food in the fridge, make another coffee and get about 45 minutes of reading time in before I have to be in the room.
9.30-1.00 - Work, work and more work, if the weather is nice then we take the children on a walk.
1.00-2.00 - DINNER, and more coffee and more reading, I have perfected the art of eating one handed so I can squeeze more reading time in.
2.00-5.30 - Work again
5.30-6.15 - I walk home from work, depending how slow I dawdle depends on the time I get home, my slowest is usually 45 minutes.
6.15-7.00 - Eating tea, putting clothes onto wash if needed and making sure I have uniform for tomorrow.  If tea isn't made I usually make a start on it as soon as I get home.
7.00-8.30 - TV time with BF, or movie time, whatever we feel like before he gets a quick nap in before work.
8.30-10.00 - TV for my own shows like Glee, Greys Anatomy etc
10.00-11.30 - More reading but usually an eBook as I don't take my Ipad to work with me.
11.30-12.00 - Shower time, preparing dinner for next day at work and making sure I have a dry uniform if they are all in the wash.
12.00-12.30 - I put my audiobook back on to listen too as I go to sleep, it is always set to switch off after 30 mins.  Before I get lectures on the danger of sleeping while listening to my iPod its a special pillow that I can plug my iPod into during the night

As you can see, I try to squeeze as much reading time as possible in my day.  My sleep time is up the wall and I rarely get to bed before midnight unless I am sick.  The lateness of my bed time was because I used to stay up talking to my friend in America, so I would go to bed as she was finishing her work day and I did it for so long I have found it hard to get back into a proper routine.
If you are interested in posting about your Day In The Life then feel free to contact me.

What is your typical day like?

How much time do you give yourself to read books on an average day?

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