Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Touring the Shelves

If you follow me on twitter, then you will have seen the occasional photos posted about my new addition to the family, my bookcase family has multiplied, and instead of having three small and two tall bookcases, I now have six tall bookcases.
A friend recently moved and she wanted to get rid of the bookcases in her new home, knowing how much I love reading my name was the first one in her mind, and after a lot of measuring (on my behalf) we worked out that he bookcases would fit in my room, and that mine would fit in the alcove in her house.

This is my old bookcase I had two of these full of  books and all my review book are stacked in piles on top of this one.

These are my new to me cases.  It took me a few hours to  tack the back of the case  back on, attach them to each other, and then attach them to the walls

These are the cases half done.  The one full of books was the temporary home to everything and anything till I could finish putting the other one together.

These are the cases, all completed and standing next to my other tall bookcases.  After this photo was taken  I organised the case some more and have left the one of the new tall ones for my b/f for his books

Lets take a closer look

These are my review shelves.  They have books I have requested, received unsolicited, or received from blogger events I have attended.

These are my to-be-read books, I think this looks more scarier than them being in the original black bookcases

These are most of my signed books that are either a few out of a series, or just individual ones.  I have a few more I need to add to this shelf when I have read them.

These two shelves hold my books that I have a lot of  for a series.  The top shelf is reserved for Kelley Armstrong's books and then Melissa Marr's books at the end.  The bottom row is my Rachel shelf.  It has all my Morganville books I have read so far and everyone of them is signed.  It also holds Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers series, and is awaiting the addition of her Shifter Series too.

These are my cooking/baking shelves, and my photo albums that I still need to get around to printing the rest of my photos off.

These are my last two cases with a mixture of books, both with genres and authors.

Now you have taken a look at what is on my shelves, what is on yours?

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