Monday, 3 June 2013

Q and A with Katja from YA's The Word

To celebrate my 2nd blogoversary I asked a few bloggers to help me out.  Today I have the fantastic Katja from YA's The Word answering a few questions for me.


1. What is your name, either your real name or one you use for blogging, and tell us a bit about yourself?
Katja – the ‘j’ is pronounced as y. Some of my friends call me Kat, and my immediate family have always called me Tink ☺

2. Why did you become a blogger?
It was the best way to share my love of books with other book fanatics.

3. Tell us about your blog…how did you pick the name for your blog?
My blog’s called “YA’s the Word”. It started out being called One More Word, and was just a spot for me to blog about anything and everything. One day at work I was supporting a client who had anger problems. During our discussion of his concerns – I deal with complaints about medical treatment, very glam I know! – I responded to one of his questions with: “Ya, and what that means is that we can help you by….” I won’t bore you with the entirety of our conversation, but at this point he gave in to a tantrum which included “…and ya is not the word, the word is yes. Yes is the word.” I didn’t argue the point, but I sort of thought a name change of my blog was in order, especially as I’d started to love the Y.A. genre. Since then in my world YA’s the word.

4. How long have you been running it?
That’s a good question. I started One More Word in 2010, but it didn’t have a YA focus until 2011, so I think it’s been two years. I’ve also just relaunched my blog, following a site move on 8th April.

5. What genres of books do you review?
Within the young adult genre I review everything, though I tend to pick up very little horror and only the most highly recommended contemporary novels. My favourite novels are sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal. I’m currently into steampunk so that’s something I’m reviewing a lot at the moment.

6. To you what is the most important thing about being a blogger?
Having fun and being honest in my reviews.

7. Apart from getting to read some fantastic books before they are released, what is the best thing about being a blogger?
Fellow bloggers! Conversations with my peers, and the occasional book blog. It’s great to discuss a book whether it’s to agree with someone else’s review or to understand that one book can stir up differing opinions.

8. If you could recommend one book or series which would it be and why?
I can’t pick just one! Three’s still pretty tough, but I’d say Seraphina for elegant story telling in a fantasy with one of the lowest body counts in the genre. Girl Genius for steampunk – both the comic (oops, graphic novel) and the novelisation. Harry Potter, to remind ourselves what’s really important in life – friendship, love and laughter. - when Death Eaters turn up (bullies, disturbing current affairs) or we’re plagued by dementors (depression, feeling as though all the joys been sucked out of you)

9. How can we stalk follow you?
YA's the Word

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me, Michelle. Also, thanks too, for being the first blogger to gift me a novel. Glad we met on the blogosphere :) kx


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