Sunday, 16 June 2013

Q and A with Silvia from Darkest Sins

Today I have Silvia from Darkest Sins to answer some questions for me.


1. What is your name, either your real name or one you use for blogging, and tell us a bit about yourself?
Hello everyone, my name is Silvia and I'm addicted to reading… Oops, this is not a therapy session, is it? Er, hi guys! My name is Silvia, I live in UK and I have a huge passion for reading, among other things, of course. (Riiiight, keep telling yourself that out loud, it might seem real... *cough-cough*) Besides blogging and reviewing, I’m a very creative person who loves being a video editor and a graphic artist. I’m the Managing Director of my own company that offers services for Indie authors and published ones and there is where I let my creativity run wild! So, busy girl but happy with a few great accomplishments so far :)

2. Why did you become a blogger?
I started blogging on May 2011. I was occasionally reviewing on Goodreads, but I felt like something was missing... I wanted to have a personal space where I could share my thoughts about my fave genres and other passions of mine eventually. So what best way to do so? A blog gives you the chance to express yourself at best, have your own style too, and I’m very pleased of how Darkest Sins turned out. :)

3. Tell us about your blog…how did you pick the name for your blog?
I was looking for something that matched my kind of readings when suddenly Darkest Sins popped in my mind. You see, "dark" is the world I read about (sometimes darkest than others) and "sins"... well, look at the genres I review, “Forgive me, Father, for I’m about to sin…” sounds likely appropriate to me (LOL). Come on, aren’t books (in general) our greatest and irremissible sin? ;)

4. How long have you been running it?
Actually, I celebrated my 2nd Blogoversary last month. (Whoa, time really flies...)

5. What genres of books do you review?
I review Urban/Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Dark Erotica and (even if less frequently now) YA Paranormal.

6. To you what is the most important thing about being a blogger?
Be yourself and be honest, always. Also, remember to have fun!

7. Apart from getting to read some fantastic books before they are released, what is the best thing about being a blogger?
You get lots of amazing contacts and meet awesome people! Plus, in my personal case, I got to realize the big dream to work in the book industry and that’s the most fantastic thing ever! :)

8. If you could recommend one book or series which would it be and why?
Just one? That’s harsh… Ok, let’s say the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. Why? I read the whole series (11 books so far + a novella) in a couple of months and I still can’t get enough! My mind had a complete blast with this series (characters and plots are both unique and addictive) and I still keep thinking about it over and over… It’s an addiction, I LOVE it!

9. How can we stalk follow you?
Please, by all means, feel free to stalk follow me on:

Thank YOU, Michelle and Happy Blogoversary!!!! :)

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  1. Thanks for having me on your blog, Michelle!
    And again, haaaappy blogoversary! :D


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