Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Today's the day: Happy Blogoversary

Much Loved Books is 2 Years Old today

I never thought I would still be here two years later, yet here I am.  I want to thank everyone who has stuck by me for the past two years and thank all the publishers and authors that send some amazing books for me to read. I also want to thank every blogger who has helped me celebrate this month, for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions and for also adding more books onto my ever growing list of books I want to read.

To celebrate by blogoversary I am holding an international giveaway. It will start today and end on 10th July. I am also adding a few extra elements to the giveaway. On the left side of my blog sidebar I have a top commenter section, these are people that have taken time to make comments on my blog on posts I have made. I know how hard it is finding time to make comments on others blogs so I appreciate every single one, therefore if you are a top commenter you get an extra entry in the giveaway.

I am also adding in a referral option, so the more you share the news about this giveaway the more extra entries you will get so make sure you remind your followers to put your name down in the space provided.

The prizes are as follows:

1st Prize: £10 book depository or amazon (if they ship free to you)
2nd prize: £5 book depository or amazon (if they ship free to you)
Referral prize: Signed swag by author A.G .Howard that I sent for a few months ago.

Please make sure you read my giveaway policy before entering into the giveaway

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  1. Happy Blogoversary and thank you a lot for this giveaway

  2. I wish you a super-awesome 2nd Blogoversary, Michelle!! :D

    Your blog rock as much as you!! xx

  3. Happy blogoversary Michelle! It's crazy to think I've known you most, if not all, of those two years. That's one of the things I love so much about blogging - without it, I wouldn't get to meet awesome people like you! :-)

  4. Happy Anniversary. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. happy blogoversary, sweetie! May you have many more happy years of blogging! *hugs*


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