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Blog Tour: Drummer Girl by Bridget Tyler

I am super excited to be part of the blog tour for Drummer Girl by Bridget Tyler.  I loved her book Drummer Girl, and when I was approached to take part in this tour I did not hesitate in accepting.  Today not only do I have a guest post from Bridget herself, I also have a UK giveaway for three copies of Drummer Girl.

BFF by Bridget Tyler

I’m a lucky girl – I have a handful of very close female friends. Women whom I share the intimate details, of, well, everything, is one of the things that makes life bearable. That kind of friendship is different than a romance, but just as complicated. Just as full of tensions and intimacies, drama and comedy.

So why don’t we write about female friendships more often?

I hadn’t even considered the absence of strong female friendships in contemporary storytelling until one of the executives who is shepherding my pilot “Horizon” for USA Network pointed out that the show was (if it makes it to the air, cross your fingers) going to stand out because it features a strong female friendship as a core plot line. I was startled. I hadn’t even thought about female friendship as a plot element… until he said it out loud.

Now I can’t stop thinking about it. Why are female friends consigned to advisors in rom coms and funny roommates who cause trouble when the lead is trying to talk to her crush? Why are women in dramas and action/adventure stories always surrounded by men? Sure, there are exceptions. There have been some great female friendships in literature and television and film… but there aren’t as many of them as you think.

One of the things I love most about “Drummer Girl” is: it is really about female friendships. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the romances in “Drummer Girl” and I enjoyed every second of writing them - I still can’t decide whether Iza and Luke or Skye and Cesar turned out to be more romantic, and Trent is so yummy that I fell a little in love with him myself. But it’s pretty hard to deny that the core relationship of the book is between Harper and Lucy.

In my first draft, Lucy’s relationship with Trent was much more involved and moved much faster. But, as I read through it, I realized I’d built that fast moving romance into the story because I felt like the main character needed a romance, not because it needed to be there. This really this wasn’t a story about Lucy Gosling falling in love. This was a story about Lucy Gosling losing her best friend… and growing up in the process. The promise of Lucy’s relationship with Trent in the future was important. It was juicy and fun. But it wasn’t part of this story. This story was about Lucy and Harper. BFF Forever.

About Bridget
Bridget Tyler grew up in Berkeley, California, in a house full of books. She started telling stories before she could walk… or read. Her parents were convinced she was going to be a writer when she grew up by the time she was 10. It took Bridget a few years to realize they were right… making her one of few writers in history whose mother responded to, “Mom, I want to be a writer when I grow up.” with, “I told you so.”
Bridget honed her storytelling instincts at NYU with a degree in Dramatic Literature, Theater History and Cinema with minors in Creative Writing and Cinema Studies. She took what she'd learned in New York to Los Angeles where she began her Hollywood career that the Creative Artists Agency.

Bridget continued on to become a development assistant at Red Wagon Entertainment and then a Creative Executive at Blowtorch Studios, working with writers to craft the stories that make great movies.

In 2008, she realized that it was time to start telling her own stories, in her own words, so she set out to do just that. Bridget wrote for the final two seasons of USA Networks flagship show BURN NOTICE before going on to write and produce her original pilot HORIZON for USA. HORIZON is currently in post production. Bridget's first novel, DRUMMER GIRL, was released in the UK May, 2013 by Templar Publishing.

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It was supposed to be the summer of her life. Instead, 17-year-old Lucy finds her best friend Harper

shot dead in an LA swimming pool. How did it come to this? Lucy Gosling is the drummer in Crush, a rock band formed by five London schoolgirls that has just won the UK semi-final of an international talent contest. But when the band lands in Hollywood for the big final, things are not quite as they seem. The band's lead singer, Harper, has just one thing on her mind - using sex, drugs and rock and roll, not to mention Crush itself, to win back her bad-news ex-boyfriend. Lucy must decide whether she's playing to Harper's tune, or setting the rhythm for the rest of the band.

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