Monday, 9 December 2013

Review: Butterfly Grave by Anne Cassidy

Title: Butterfly Gave
Author: Anne Cassidy
Author Info: Website|Twitter
Genre: Mystery
Series: The Murder Notebooks #3
Source: Publisher
Publication Date: 7th November 2013

Tell Me About It
Joshua’s uncle has survived a near fatal accident and Rose and Joshua drive to Newcastle to visit him, along with their friend Skeggsie.

Joshua is convinced they are being followed. Can it be true, or is it just his paranoia? Rose and Joshua do not know who to trust – even Joshua’s uncle has a dark past, touched by murder. And then the precious murder notebooks are stolen and it is Skeggsie who pays the price for Rose and Joshua’s so-called meddling. Somebody out there really does not want Rose and Joshua to find their parents. But who? And why?

A taut and pacy thriller, perfect for teens.

My Thoughts
The Murder Notebooks has been a series I have enjoyed reading, and has been one that has constantly left me guessing over what was going to happen next. When Butterfly Grave came up for review I didn't hesitate in saying yes to a copy, I wanted to know what Rose, Joshua and Skeggsie were going to do next and if they would get any closer to finding out the truth.

I will be honest in saying Butterfly Grave took me forever to read, partly because of what was going on in my personal life (but I managed to read a lot of eBooks), but mostly due to the plot itself. While Butterfly Grave is a good addition to this series, I personally felt like it didn't do much for progressing the story as a whole.

Joshua is still struggling with what happened in previous book, making him very paranoid and on edge, and I feel like he is stuck in this cycle and only a certain event really shocks him into doing something, he is too focused on the diaries and what happened to Uncle, trying to make a connection between them both and basically ignoring everything that is going on around him.
Rose is stuck in the middle, not really knowing Joshua's Uncle, or anybody in the area, and I felt sorry for her being left to her own devices, her only ally is Skeggsie, but he too is struggling going back to a place he didn't like and that only brings up bad memories.

Butterfly Grave does share some secrets that help Joshua and Rose find out what happened to their parents, and they are possibly closer to finding out the truth about them, but being back home for Joshua doesn't really do much for the story.
There were shock twists that I don't expect, and an event that had me in tears, but I felt like Butterfly Grave doesn't really progress the plot much. It felt like a filler book rather than an advancement book, but the ending has me wanting to read the next instalment to see if they find what they are looking for and if the events that happened in Butterfly Grave affect how they move forward now.

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