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Review: MetaWars: The Dead are Rising by Jeff Norton

Title: MetaWars: The Dead are Rising
Author: Jeff Norton
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: MetaWars #2
Source: Purchased by myself
Publication Date: 1st November 2012

Tell Me About It
At the climax of the first instalment, METAWARS: FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE, Jonah Delacroix led the "Uploaded," the digital dead, from the faltering Metasphere virtual world into the light of the rival Changsphere world.

The Changsphere offers a safe haven for the Uploaded, and with more processing power than the Southern Corner could ever offer, the Uploaded begin to grow, develop, and yearn to be alive again. With the Changsphere offering competition to the Metasphere, more and more avatars take up residency in it. But the Uploaded begin to prey on live avatars, infecting them, and their users, with their personalities and becoming reborn in the real world. The dead are rising.

Now reborn into the real world, the once dead avatars will not let anyone shut down the Changsphere - the source of their rebirth. Meanwhile, Jonah, Sam, and Axel struggle to keep the Metasphere safe from Granger's assault on the Western Corner, which is housed in the old subway lines under New York City. But Jonah struggles with whether they are doing the right thing: in fighting Granger, they face a more dangerous virtual world, where millions of Uploaded now roam freely, stalking users for their virtual avatars and their real bodies.

THE DEAD ARE RISING deals with the unintended consequences of Jonah's actions, and creates a frighteningly plausible future where the digital dead could be stored online and eventually reborn in new bodies.

My Thoughts
When I read the first book in a series and it is so great that it blows me away, I am always hesitant to read the next book, wondering if I will be left disappointed, or if its just as good as its predecessor.
When I began reading MetaWars: The Dead are Rising, I was looking forward to visiting these worlds again and seeing what else the guardians would do to capture the other corners.

I love the new twist on the story with the Uploaded, not knowing who is themselves or who has been taken over which makes this book just a gripping as the previous. Reading MetaWars: The Dead are Rising made me feel even more sorry for Jonah, torn between wanting his Dad there, but also wanting to do what is right, not only for the Metasphere and Changsphere, but the world. He has to make some tough decisions, and things quickly get out of hand when a plan backfires and things escalate in a serious way.

While Granger may be the opposition in these books, in his own twisted way he does try to help the Uploaded find themselves again. While his first few tests weren't exactly working correctly the idea and thought behind it are certainly for the benefit of everyone, but also making sure he gains a good standing in the eyes of everyone watching.

Each new chapter of MetaWars: The Dead are Rising only brought a new surprise to the book, and there were a lot of times I was on the edge of my seat wondering if everything was going to be OK. With action and suspense Jeff takes us on another journey with Jonah, Sam, and the Guardians, as they fight to get the Metasphere out of Granger's hands. While there wasn't as much fighting in this compared to its predecessor, it certainly doesn't lack for anything.
Once again I am left wishing that I had found these books earlier, but also glad I didn't as I can jump straight into the next book without hesitation.

About Jeff
Jeff Norton is London-based writer who dreams up big, immersive worlds and fills them with page-turning stories and awesome characters. Sometimes he writes by himself, sometimes he creates stories two co-write with his friends.

A reluctant reader as a boy, Jeff strives to create stories that will turn reluctant readers into lifelong ones.

Before writing full-time, Jeff managed the Enid Blyton literary estate. Jeff moved to London from Los Angeles where he'd developed and produced the critically acclaimed interactive movie Choose Your Own Adventure, based on the best-selling books.

Originally from Canada, Jeff lives in London with his wife and two young sons.

Website - Blog - Twitter - Facebook

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