Friday, 20 December 2013

Review: Twinmaker by Sean Williams

Title: Twinmaker
Author: Sean Williams
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Young Adult
Series: Twinmaker #1
Source: Publisher
Publication Date: 7th November 2013

Tell Me About It
Clair is pretty sure the offer in the ‘Improvement' meme is just another viral spam, though Libby is determined to give it a try.

But what starts as Libby's dream turns into Clair's nightmare when her friend vanishes.

In her search for answers, Clair seeks out Jesse - a boy whose alternative lifestyle might help to uncover the truth.

What they don't anticipate is intervention from the mysterious contact known only as Q, and being caught up in a conspiracy that will change everything.
My Thoughts
When I began reading Twinmaker I fell in love the world Sean Williams has created. I thought it was fantastic to be able to travel anywhere in the world, and how easy it would be to visit friends in America. As I progressed through the book and the Abstainers (people who don't d-mat) opinions came into context I then had to think about how you are able to travel, by being broken down into tiny pieces and transported through the VIA's network to get to your destination, seriously imagine if something went wrong and you lost a piece of yourself along the travel there, would you be you. This question is one of the big questions asked, and answered within the pages of Twinmaker, along with a few other points made. As we get deeper into the story more information is revealed and we learn more about d-mat, and the people for and against it and get to see two sides to the story.

I will admit to taking forever to read Twinmaker, over a week, which is really bad for me, and to be honest I'm not 100% sure why it took so long. I enjoyed the story and the idea behind it all, I liked the characters, and the fact that I never knew what would happen next or who would appear next made me want to keep reading, but I do think parts of the story overloaded me a bit and felt like I was trying to take in too much information, Twinmaker could have either been smaller, or a short prequel before Twinmaker was published to explain what this new world was all about.

I did like the journey that Clair goes on to try to find a way to save Libby, not just the physical journey itself but the emotional and personal one, and I enjoyed getting to see her find herself and actually see what she is capable off when the need strikes. The friends she makes that were unexpected, and some secrets left me shocked.

The last few chapters of Twinmaker had me gripping the book so hard I was scared I was going to break it, my nerves were at a high point and the question 'what is going to happen now' was always in the front of my mind. The ending was not something I expected, in a good way, but I am disappointed at how the last page ended, I would have liked a bit more closure. However I am interested in seeing where Sean can take this world now and see how decisions that were made affect others in the next book.

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