Sunday, 15 December 2013

Thank You

It's been a tough few weeks for me, and will still be tough over the upcoming weeks and months, having to experience a first of everything without my Dad. It will be hard to get used to him not being there, being a family of four instead of five, and not having my own personal handyman around to fix stuff for me.

This is my Dad, this picture was taken last year and this is how I will remember him, with smiles, jokes, and the constant need to wind me up.

I want to thank you all for sticking with me and for all the supportive comments, emails and texts over the past few weeks. For tours I had to cancel, thank you to the tour hosts for understanding, for the publishers patiently waiting for reviews, thank you for understanding and the reviews will be up very soon, and thank you to Bungle from Midnight Reads who kindly shouldered the responsibility to let you all know about my Dad.

As you have noticed, although I have been away I have had scheduled reviews and blog tours posted. As I slowly get back into the routine of blogging again more reviews will come, from books I read to keep me sane, and books I am in the process of reading now.


  1. I'm glad you have good memories of your dad to hold onto tightly. I remember you telling me that he was often in good spirits and would be winding you up about one thing or another. Those memories are precious, as you know. I've been thinking about you, and I'll continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts. <3

    1. Thank you for your thoughts and for all the times you asked how he was doing.

  2. Oh girly, I know it might take a long time to regain some time of normalcy back in your life. It seems like I'm constantly reminded of things with my Dad that I haven't thought about for years. I had 6 months to repair my relationship with him before I had to say goodbye. I'm glad that you had the chance to say your goodbyes too. I wish I had more time...I know you do too. *hugs*

    If you ever need someone to relate to, hit me up. I'm still hopelessly behind with writing my reviews. Once I got behind schedule, the review list seems endless. /sigh

    1. Thank you for the comment and for sharing your sad news yourself. I was pretty close to my Dad and even though we knew it was going to happen it was still a shock.

  3. You know how particularly close I feel to you in this sad circumstance and I really can relate... There is nothing that can prepare you to such a loss, no matter if you see it coming, it really makes no difference in the pain it cause you. Just always remember your dad with that wonderful smile and with it, all the amazing, good memories you gathered through the years. Hold onto them, they'll never fade away and your dad is always going to be part of you.
    Lots and lots of hugs <3


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