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Blog Tour: MetaWars: The Freedom Frontier by Jeff Norton

Title: MetaWars: The Freedom Frontier
Author: Jeff Norton
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: MetaWars #4
Source: Publisher
Publication Date: 2nd January 2014

Tell Me About It
The thrilling final instalment of the action-packed METAWARS series.

With the Guardians and Millennials eliminated, Jonah and Sam are left to fend for themselves. When they discover their enemy, Granger, is also on his own they take the ultimate leap of faith and join forces to survive...and save humanity. The future of the world on and off-line is at stake and Jonah will not stop until he prevails.

Even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

I have had mixed feelings about reading this book, I have only recently started this series and have demolished every book I have read, and while I have been looking forward to reading MetaWars: The Freedom Frontier, I have not wanted to read it knowing that it's the final book in the series.

Jeff Norton takes no prisoners in MetaWars: The Freedom Frontier and the action is quick to start. Right off the bat there are an unimaginable number of losses from both Millennials and Guardians, and some potential losses, one of them I didn't expect and actually made me cry, which considering I didn't really develop a bond with this character surprised me.

Jonah, Sam, and Granger have to stop this war for once and for all, and the only solution is to join forces and fight a common enemy. I never saw this coming and considering the history between this trio they work well together, each one bringing something to their advantage. I really thought that they would last for one mission that only benefited Granger, and that he would then do something to split the team up, but he really surprised me, which makes me feel better about liking some of the ways he tried to 'help' the Uploaded in the previous book.

Prepare to grab hold of this book with both hands, and take one hell of an adventure with Jonah, Sam, and Granger. In my head I had it planned out how MetaWars: The Freedom Frontier would go down, and my expectations were thrown out of the window, instead I was presented with a book were I never knew what would happen next from one page to another, and this just made the adventure that much more 'real'.

I wish I could go into detail and write thousands and thousands of words to explain my feelings and thoughts about MetaWars: The Freedom Frontier. But if I did that then I would take away the surprises and the sense of adventure from you. I love seeing how the plan this trio made together works, and the end result from it all, which I think was a perfect touch to this series and what the MetaWars were all about. The friendships made in previous books are tested with bad, good, and happy consequences and I like were the future is heading.

Thank you for taking time out to answer a few questions for me and my blog, I really appreciate it.
My pleasure Michelle! It’s an honour to be invited!

1. I love the whole idea of having two completely different worlds in your MetaWars series, the second world reminds me of the old style computer games I used to play when I was younger, how did you come up with this idea?
Part of it was an homage to the kinds of video games I played when I was young, losing myself for hours in Nintendo games like Zelda and Mario Bros, and part of it was seeing how totally absorbed people are whenever they interface with social media – it’s like people literally go to a different world when they check their phone, send a tweet, or scroll through facebook. I was fascinated by the idea that many people almost preferred to live their lives online instead of in the real world.

2. The plot for this series seems like it is complex and could get confusing, how do you ensure the two worlds stay where they belong without mixing them up?
Some of the confusion is deliberate because I want readers to stretch themselves to identify with what Jonah’s going through; he’s very confused. He’s pulled between two worlds, unsure about what matters most to him. His journey is about choice, making a choice about what kind of world he wants to live in; and through that journey he must push through his own confusion.

3. I love the covers of the book and how they represent both worlds, did you have any input into these designs?
It’s one of the funny things about the book world; the writer actually has zero input into the covers. But I’m glad you like them!

4. If you had the option to choose what your avatar would be in the Metasphere, what would you choose and why?
That’s a good question, but remember that in the Metasphere you can’t choose your avatar, not consciously anyway. Your subconscious mind generates the avatar. But, if I did get to choose, I’d want to be something cool that could fly; maybe a Pterodactyl.

5. Now that the final book is on its way to eager readers, do you have any more ideas running around inside your head?
I’m working on a very funny new book called “Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie” that comes out in October. It’s a deadpan story of a twelve-year-old boy called Adam Meltzer, suffering from OCD, who rises from the grave to solve his own murder.

6. Using only 140 characters, tell us about your new book, MetaWars: The Freedom Frontier.
When faced with the genocide of the human race, Jonah and Sam team up with their enemy and risk everything to save the world.

This or That

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee! *Goes to put the coffee machine on*

Chocolate or sweets?
Depends on my mood, but I’m mostly a savoury snacks guy. Nacho chips are my vice.

Summer or winter?
Summer, no question. Remember that I used to live in Canada!

Paperback or hardback?
Paperback for reading, hardback for displaying.

Cats or dogs?

Reading or writing?

About Jeff
Jeff Norton is London-based writer who dreams up big, immersive worlds and fills them with page-turning stories and awesome characters. Sometimes he writes by himself, sometimes he creates stories two co-write with his friends.

A reluctant reader as a boy, Jeff strives to create stories that will turn reluctant readers into lifelong ones.

Before writing full-time, Jeff managed the Enid Blyton literary estate. Jeff moved to London from Los Angeles where he'd developed and produced the critically acclaimed interactive movie Choose Your Own Adventure, based on the best-selling books.

Originally from Canada, Jeff lives in London with his wife and two young sons.

Website - Blog - Twitter - Facebook

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