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Review: I Heart Beat by Edyth Bulbring

Title: I Heart Beat
Author: Edyth Bulbring
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Publication Date: 6th February 2014

Tell Me About It
Beatrice has got a deadbeat mum, an addiction to online messaging and an aversion to the sun. If she could stay inside all summer she most absolutely would. Except she's being shipped off to stay with her 'Grummer' - a grandmother she barely knows - while her mum has another go at rehab. If Beatrice is going to have any chance of having some peace she will need to distract Grummer with a husband. Unfortunately there aren't many eligible bachelors hanging around this cranky old dorp.

Her plan is simple: identify the target, establish contact and ensure eternal love. But all does not go to plan for control-freak Beat. Suddenly she finds herself ditching the factor 50 for freckles from swimming in the reservoir; her cucumber and tea-only diet is overtaken by peanut butter sandwiches, and the very important 'rely on no-one' policy has to make room for Toffie; a boy with a bike, a shock of red hair and a love for the natural fauna of South Africa.

Beat always knew that love was found in unexpected places. She just never thought that it might find her.
My Thoughts
I have previously read Edyth's books featuring April-May, so when I saw she had written another book I knew I wanted to read it. I began reading the first page and soon found myself laughing, but also grossed out at the same time, the laughter only continued throughout the first few pages
Mom's forehead stays unwrinkled as she listens to Grummer on the other side of the phone. But I know she's getting mad. That's the good thing with Botox: most people can't tell when you're annoyed. Mom gets her injections every three months. Her brow is a smooth as a baby's bum.
Beatrice's mum is going to rehab (again) and Beatrice is sent to her Grandmothers for the duration of this time. Unhappy with this situation Beatrice decides she needs to set her Grandmother up with a new boyfriend. What results from this is a hilarious dating profile in Beatrice's head, a plan to work with Tofie to scout out potential partners in the local town, weeding out possible suspects according to likes and dislikes to find someone who Beatrice thinks is perfect for her Grandmother.

Beatrice has a lot to deal with in regards to her mother, but she has underlying issues herself which come to light later on in the book, and reading I Heart Beat gives you a true insight into her home environment, where she is basically the adult looking after her Mum, and even organising the rehab visit, the tickets and transportation for her time away with her Grandmother. I felt sorry for her having to deal with all of this and I was tempted to knock some sense into her Mother.

I mentioned Tofie, and he is a new partner in crime who Beatrice enlist to aid her in her quest, he is willing to offer some help thanks to his infatuation with Beatrice, but soon demands payment in the form of her spare phone. Together this duo certainly made for an entertaining read ,seeing them interact with each other and things they said made me laugh a lot, and while I didn't like how Beatrice treated him at first, I did like the tentative friendship they formed throughout this book.

I Heart Beat was a quick light read and there is no mistaking Edyth's writing style. I Heart Beat was easy to fall into, and while it didn't necessarily wow me, I did enjoy the time spent reading it.

About Edyth
Edyth Bulbring is the author of Pops & The Nearly Dead (Penguin, March 2010) and The Club (Jonathan Ball, September 2008), as well as four young adult novels. The Summer of Toffie and Grummer (OUP) was published in February 2008, Cornelia Button and the Globe of Gamagion (Jacana) was published in April 2008, Melly, Mrs Ho and Me (Penguin) was published in September 2010 and Melly, Fatty and Me (Penguin) was published in September 2011.

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