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Audiobook Review: Dead Romantic by C.J. Skuse

Title: Dead Romantic
Author: C.J. Skuse
Narrator: Lisa Coleman
Running Time: 7 hours 58 minutes
Source: Purchased by myself with audible credit

Tell Me About It
Camille wants to find the perfect boy, with an athlete's body and a poet's brain. But when she's mocked at a college party, she knows there isn't a boy alive who'll ever measure up. Enter Zoe, her brilliant but strange best friend, who takes biology homework to a whole new level. She can create Camille's dream boy, Frankenstein-stylee. But can she make him love her?

My Thoughts
I have had Dead Romantic on my to read/wish list for a while, so I decided to snag myself a copy using my audible credit. After the first few minutes of listening I was hooked, and I wish I had picked up this book a lot sooner than I did, but after going to check a few details I am glad I got this when I did as it is no longer available on audible.
My review for Dead Romantic will be vague, as this isn't technically a review audiobook then I didn't really take any notes, so my review is based on a lot of what I remember. My first impressions of the characters are as follows...Camille is so ridiculously clueless you can't help but laugh at the mispronunciation of words, and even some of the sentences she manages to scramble together. Zoe is crazy, as in insane you REALLY don't want to mess with me crazy, yet she is the perfect person too become Camille's friend. As we get to know Zoe you find she isn't as crazy as you initially think she is, who am I kidding, the more we get to know her the more crazy we realise she really is. Yet everything she does has some reason and logic in her head, and while she enlists Camille's help in making Sexy Dead Boy, or SDB as he will be known from now on, we soon find out that making SDB has nothing really to do for Camille, and is more for Zoe's benefit.
Damian and Louis took me a while to actually like, and I think I liked Louis well before Damian. Louis I felt sorry for, he is left out of things and treated like he is just there for the extra body in the group and I felt like he didn't really have any ties with Damian or Splodge. Damian was just plain annoying, self centred and arrogant, and even though I did warm up to him in the end I still think there has to be a reason for his sudden change in personality.

I loved almost everything about Dead Romantic, and ill explain the almost part in a bit. The characters are hilarious, creepy, and just plain amazing. The story is ingenious and I loved how C.J has managed to make a creepy Frankenstein-esk book into one that is more fun and less serious through most of it. The part that I did not like was the ending. I didn't feel like there was closure in some things that occur near the end, and we don't get to find out what happened with SDB. I really hope that this means there will be another book to follow soon, I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for this.

As you know this is an audiobook review, so now we get to see my thoughts on the narrator Lisa Coleman. I have one word for Lisa, fantastic. She manages to get the right tone of the book and portrays this easily in the different 'voices' she uses for the characters. She makes an amazingly clueless Camille, and a fantastically creepy Zoe, which only adds to the characters personality. The attitude of Damian literally pours out of the ear phones, and it makes you dislike he so much more than reading the words on paper. She definitly kept me entertained whilst listening to Dead Romantic.

In the words of C.J. herself
I write books. The first book is quite offensive. The second book is an ode to rock music. The third book is batshit crazy. You may like them, you may not. Either is fine with me.
[source: goodreads author profile]
Dead Romantic is insane, hilarious, and sometimes a complete disaster, but you can't help fall in love with this book, I found myself laughing so much that I was scared to listen to this out side my house in case I laughed out loud in the middle of the bus or train and look like a laughing idiot sitting by myself. I wish I had picked up this book sooner than I did, and I intend to add a copy to my shelves as soon as funds allow.

About C.J
.J. Skuse, author of PRETTY BAD THINGS, ROCKOHOLIC and DEAD ROMANTIC, was born in 1980 in Weston-super-Mare, England. She has First Class degrees in Creative Writing and Writing for Children and, aside from writing novels, works as a freelance children’s fiction consultant and lectures in Writing for Children at Bath Spa University.

C.J. loves Masterchef, Gummy Bears and murder sites. She hates carnivals, hard-boiled eggs and coughing. The movies Titanic, My Best Friend’s Wedding and Ruby Sparks were all probably based on her ideas; she just didn't get to write them down in time. Before she dies, she would like to go to Japan, try clay-pigeon shooting and have Ryan Gosling present her with the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

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