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Review: Trouble by Non Pratt

Title: Trouble
Author: Non Pratt
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Walker Books
Publication Date: 6th March 2014

Tell Me About It
A boy. A girl. A bump. Trouble.

Hannah’s smart and funny ... she’s also fifteen and pregnant. Aaron is new at school and doesn’t want to attract attention. So why does he offer to be the pretend dad to Hannah’s unborn baby?

Growing up can be trouble but that’s how you find out what really matters.
My Thoughts
I have hear so many fantastic things about Trouble that I could not wait for my copy to arrive, however I still had some reservations about whether I would like this book or not. I have read books that people raved about and not liked them at all, but have also loved books that others don't really rate too high, so it was with some trepidation that I began reading Trouble. My review will hopefully be spoiler free, but still give you a general idea of what the book is like and how much I loved it.

After making it through a couple of pages of Trouble I was hooked, plain and simple, and I sat on the sofa, occasionally fidgeting to get feeling back in my legs, feet, and did not move until I had finished reading, Trouble finds a way to grab hold and not let go until the final word.

Aaron is new to school, and has the disadvantage and embarrassment of his father being a teacher there. He is also hiding something that happened prior to move, and is the result of the move to a new school, but it isn't elaborated on until later on in the book, we just know he is running from something he regrets and blames himself for.
Hannah is 15 and pregnant. She has a reputation in school for sleeping around, and for her age and the amount of people she has slept with already isn't really that good, so I could sort of see where her reputation has come from. She has had safes ex with with the boys she has slept with, except one, so while we are left questioning who the baby Daddy is, she knew from the minute she found out she was pregnant. She is scared, alone, and is terrified to tell her Mum, who works at the health clinic, so it is her Nan who is her emotional support and goes with Hannah for her first scan, which is also how her parents find out the truth. I thought it was hilarious how they were told and saw it coming, so I could not help but giggle in the lead up to the revelation.

As Trouble progresses I had mixed emotions. I felt sorry for Hannah having to go through this situation, initially without a lot of support, she looses her friends but gains some amazing new ones. While this is also Hannah s fault for being pregnant, it also takes two to tango, and I wish the father would have stood up and supported Hannah with all the decisions she has to make. Aaron I wanted to give a huge squishy hug to. He claims responsibility for something he had nothing to do with, and is so supportive of Hannah and what she is going through. Yes they have arguments and disagree on things, but somehow Hannah and Aaron manage to make this work for both of them. I think we all need a fake baby daddy in our lives, with or without the baby.

I went through 200 pages with me thinking I knew who the father was, and I called him all kinds of names that I can't repeat. When the actual truth was revealed to say I was shocked is an understatement. I had no idea this person was the father, they didn't even register on the list of names I initially started with. I actually looked at the words for a few minutes, willing my brain to absorb the details, to really take in that this was the truth, that this person was the father.

I devoured Trouble, I could not put it down, and every single review that raves about Trouble, that says how fantastically amazing it is, is absolutely correct. Trouble makes you laugh, cry, and want to give lots of squishy hugs to Hannah and Aaron. But Trouble also focuses on the serious matter of teenage pregnancy but its done in a tasteful way with lots of humour mixed in. After spending time with all of these characters, I really think my Mum and Dad had an easy time with myself and my sibling growing up ☺

Find out more about the author and the book at the Trouble tumblr page

About Non
After graduating from Trinity College Cambridge, Non Pratt became a non-fiction editor at Usborne working on many bestselling series before moving across to fiction. She has been running the list at Catnip Publishing since 2009. Non lives in London with her husband and small(ish) child, and Trouble is her first novel.

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