Saturday, 26 April 2014

For The Fringe

I bet you are looking at the title and wondering what is going on. Well author Sophia Bennett decided to organise an event for 'Authors on the Fringe', basically authors that are not attending YALC (and also some authors that are) to give them, and us, a chance to meet up, get books signed, and basically talk about bookish things.

Info from facebook page
Celebrating UKYA. A fringe meeting for authors, bloggers and fans around the inaugural YALC at ComiCon.
Get together with some of your favourite UKYA people. Bring a book and get it signed. Win the top 10 books from the UKYA Top 100, as voted on the website. Help raise money for the Siobhan Dowd Trust.

If you are one of the many that is attending YALC in July and are interested in attending the #forthefringe meet up, then feel free to add your details into the form below and even share it using the handy dandy link here [] If you are on facebook then also join the community page for For the Fringe.

Dont forget to make sure you use the tag #forthefringe whenever you talk about this event.

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