Tuesday, 8 April 2014

MEGA Box of OMG!

Today I would like to bring you a change of style for my reviews. As you know I generally review books, audiobooks, and post booksih related news. A few weeks ago I was contacted to see if I was interested in reviewing a MEGA Box of OMG!, but before I show you what I got in by MEGA Box of OMG!, I am going to tell you more about it.

What's it About?
Box of OMG was created by the same people behind the massively popular Box of Awesome. We’re a team of specialists from the kids entertainment industry who curate the very best of established and new brands into amazing (and age-appropriate) boxes delivered on a bi-monthly schedule. Our goal is to delight kids (and sometimes their parents) everywhere and create a new channel for brands to interact with their consumers.
Box of OMG is packed full of fun stuff,  like books guaranteed to get your brain going, funky stationery to liven up your homework,  cool new laces for your shoes and your beauty favs!
One Direction photocards! OMGOMGOMG! Words need not apply :)
Limited edition Makie Dolls: five of our lucky OMGers received customised figures from Makie Labs.
SWEETNESS: Watch out for Haribo packs in your Box of OMG!
EXCLUSIVE: Wearshare bracelets! Use your Facebook or Instagram photos to create amazing bracelets for you and your friends. Exclusive to our OMG peeps!
Ugly Dolls: We love Ugly Dolls. They're the cutest thing.
Blue Nose Friends' Tatty Teddy: Actually no, wait. Tatty Teddy is the cutest thing too. Gorgeous collectable little teddy-bears.
Books: Become a Fashion Detective, Dork your Diary, or snuggle up with Jacqueline Wilson – there’s loads of OMG stuff to read!
Plus a selection of items from Moshi Monsters, Doctor Who, Baby Snakes

This is my MEGA Box of OMG!. The packaging is unassuming, but study, and took a while for me to actually get into it. I had no idea what was going to be in my box and I could not wait to open it and find out what surprises were waiting for me to explore.
When I opened it all the items were nestled safely upon tissue paper padding, and I took out each one individually and took a picture to show you what was inside. This is personally my favourite box out of them both, but sadly I thought my Niece would enjoy the items better than I would myself, but I had to open a few packages to 'better review' the box.

1 x Book The School for Good and Evil
1 x Nail file
1 x pack of Haribo sweets
1 x Zelf
2 x Panini Union J stickers
1 x £5 Nickelodeon game card

Now its time for the nitty gritty and I get to tell you what I think of this MEGA Box of OMG!. The name of the box is a very accurate name for this. It has a great selection of items for many different current trends and some things that I had not heard of but are very cute (the Zelf).

The book, The School for Good and Evil fits in with this selection, and for many others is a great book. Unfortunately for me I just couldn't get into it, but the following bloggers did like it and gave it rave reviews.
[The BiblioSanctum] [The Bibliomaniac][Alison Can Read][Book Angel Booktopia][Xpresso Reads]

The game card was a nice touch, making the MEGA Box of OMG! more easy to personalise by giving you the choice how you spend the money.
The nail file impressed my Niece who asked what it was for, so I told her it makes you nails pretty and she wanted to use it there and then right before we walked out the door to go shopping.
The Zelf is super cute, and reminds me of my Troll phase, being my Niece she fell instantly in love with it and that was the first item in her 'take home' pile.
I have no idea who Union J were, I had to google them to find out more, but I sure to a fan these stickers would be a great addition to their collection.

The box is a great way to not only send amazing goodies, but a great way to spread the book love and encourage more young readers. They have already sent out books like Drummer Girl.
It's easy to get your own Box of OMG!, just follow the links below to view their website, and get the information there.

Find out more about the Box of OMG!

 Website - Blog - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube

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