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Review: Stitch Up by Sophie Hamilton

Title: Stitch Up
Author: Sophie Hamilton
Author Info: Twitter
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Templar Publishing
Publication Date: 1st May 2014

Tell Me About It
Information is power, but image is everything...

Dasha Gold enjoys a life of indulgence, made possible by her powerful and wealthy parents. But this privilege comes at a price - extreme image control, including cosmetic surgery to transform her into a living logo for their brand.

Presented with a way out, Dasha embarks on a hunt for the truth that takes her across a divided and CCTV-dominated city, in the company of maverick Londoner Latif.

But money talks and the Golds own the media. Who can Dasha really trust?
My Thoughts
I first heard about Stitch Up at a blogger event, and not long after getting home I sent of my request for a copy of the book. Just a few weeks before publication I was lucky to receive a finished copy of Stitch Up, so I kindly retired my signed proof copy to the shelf to keep it safe, and dove straight into my finished copy.

Dasha, daughter to the Golds a super famous super rich family, has everything she could ever want or ask for, however all of this comes with a price. She is a brand for her parents, and her father plans to take her away and operate on her, to make he perfect...and the new face of GoldRush. When the opportune moment strikes, Dasha runs from her parents and sets out on her own personal mission. Along the way she is followed and attacked, when a night in shining armour steps in to help her, and she ends up sticking with him longer than they both anticipated.

Dasha has the perfect life to others looking in, but having everything you could wish for, and being popular is not something she aspires to be, or do with her life. The train crash is the perfect moment for her to strike out on her own, but it ends up being far more riskier than she ever imagined it would be. With the help of Latif, her saviour, they manage to work together to achieve Dasha's aim, but constantly have to keep looking over their shoulders. With her family controlling the news feeds, they have to avoid all CCTV, police, and anyone that could recognise Dasha.

You don't actually realise how much of our life is caught on camera, and after reading Stitch Up and seeing how this duo try to navigate a safe path really shows how many cameras there are around, on traffic lights, shops, homes, and more. Seeing the creative way this duo travel about, constantly having disguises and friends on hand to lend a hand, some of the ways they dress to fit into the area were truly amazing, and even some of the simplistic disguises managed to work to a point.

Stitch Up was more than I expected. I thought that it would be focused on the journey that Dasha takes, but there is also strong friendships and bonds that can't be broken, team work, and some great sleuthing skills. The description of the world Latif lives in sounded rough, but the way they make it more homely for themselves shows resourcefulness, and I love how the community works together to keep each other safe.
I do think that there were parts of Stitch Up that could have been cut short, or made more compact, especially the long journeys from one place to another, but overall I did enjoy Stitch Up.

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