Friday, 13 June 2014

Author Takeover: Jeff Bryan - Fun With Demons

Fun with Demons
by J. L. Bryan

Happy Friday the 13th! I hope it’s not too unlucky for you.

When Michelle offered me this date for my guest post, I knew she was expecting to me to write something dark and creepy, possibly with supernatural creatures. Instead, though, we’ll have a fun and happy conversation about those cuddly horned beasts that want to eat your soul—demons!

Why demons? To me, demons and ghosts are the most interesting paranormal creatures because there is still room for them to exist. While we’re probably all fairly certain that vampires and werewolves don’t stalk the earth, can you ever be certain about the unseen entities? People have told stories of encountering ghosts and nameless horrors in the dark as long as people have existed.

Demons are like powerful ghosts, but with no humanity at all, and they’re usually more powerful than your typical apparition. Far from simply opening creaky doors and going bump in the night, demons plot with intelligence and cunning. They can offer you infernal powers, grant wishes, or carry out pesky tasks like hunting down and murdering your enemies. All they really want in exchange is your immortal soul!

I recommend against summoning demons for any purpose, however. If you thought it was hard to get rid of cockroaches, carpenter bees, or attic squirrels, just imagine how difficult it can be to find a paranormal extermination service. Once you invite supernatural evil into your home, it tends to linger, and you’ll never get the smell of brimstone out of your couch.

Because they were never human, the physical appearance of demons is extremely flexible. They can be dark shadows that creep at the very edge of your vision, or they can be gigantic and elaborate monsters with horns, tusks, fangs, scales, wings, claws, tails, or all of the above. They’re known to dress up in the skins and shapes of large, intimidating beasts like bulls, or creepy critters like snakes and reptiles. I think this is symbolic of lowering oneself, of being conscious and intelligence but choosing to behave like an animal.

Demons are ancient beings, possibly much older than the human race, so they can offer much wisdom—or what might be termed “reverse wisdom,” in which the negative sides of life like pain, suffering, and fear are see as fundamental, while love and happiness are flimsy illusions. Demons love to encourage isolation, depression, and violence, or so I’ve heard.

Demons play a central role in my novel The Unseen, in which a young woman named Cassidy reluctantly learns to uses the powers of witchcraft she’s inherited. Cassidy can see things most people can’t, and to her eyes, the world is infested with demons, imps, and other infernal monsters that invisibly feed on the living.

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Thanks to Michelle for inviting me today! I hope you enjoy the rest of her Author Take Over event.
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