Sunday, 15 June 2014

Author Takeover: Steph Campbell

First off, HUGE congrats to Michelle on THREE YEARS of Much Loved Books! I’m so thrilled to be here to help celebrate, because not only has Michelle been such a tremendous supporter of my novels, but has really stood out as an incredible person that I’m so fortunate to have connected with in this crazy book world!

Michelle has been one of the biggest champions of the Silver Strand series that I co-wrote with Liz Reinhardt, so today, I’d like to share an exclusive excerpt from the first book in our spin-off Rutherfod Vineyard series, ALMOST LOVER (Coming Summer 2014)

Congrats again to Michelle, and thanks so much for your support and friendship over the last three years!

ALMOST LOVER- Campbell/Reinhardt (unedited excerpt)

“You love surfing?” she asks. Her hand rubs up and down my arm, and I think it’s probably an unconscious thing on her part but I’m painfully conscious of how good it feels. “You must miss it being out here.”
“That’s why I drink so much,” I joke, only it’s not a total joke.
I’ve never felt less in my element in my entire life. I didn’t realize how much the ocean grounded me and brought me back to a solid place until it was completely out of my reach.
“Maybe...I’d love to go to the ocean again. It’s been, like, five or six years at least since I’ve been.” Her eyes look dreamy.
I stop short, almost making us crash into a couple who’s way too trashed to be dancing to this endless power ballad anyway. The guy mutters something dickish, and I let loose a long string of Spanish not appropriate for anyone but inmates and dockworkers. He scowls and drags his date away.
“That was my father’s co-worker. What did you say to him?” she asks, her eyes popped wide.
“Does he speak Spanish?” I ask, feeling a sudden rush of nerves.
She shakes her head and a long piece of her brown hair drops over her creamy shoulder. Damn, I want to brush that hair back. Damn, I want to kiss that shoulder.
I reign myself in.
“Probably better if I skip the translation right now.”
“Um, okay.”
“So it’s really been five years since you were at the ocean? It’s not that far, you know.” The song finally screeches to a halt, and she and I stand, so close I can see the glimmers of gold in her eyes. She nods. “We need to fix that,” I say, and I let my hand work its way up to brush that piece of hair back.
So much for reigning myself in. And if my fingers brush her shoulder? I’m not made of stone. There’s only so much I can resist.
Jordan leans toward me and licks her lips.

Damn, baby, don’t do that. Please don’t. There’s only so much—

You can check out the first chapter of ALMOST LOVER here: 
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