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Review: Witch Hunt by Ruth Warburton

Title: Witch Hunt
Author: Ruth Warburton
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Witch Finder #2
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Hodder Children's Books
Publication Date: 5th June 2014

Tell Me About It
London, 1880. Eighteen-year-old Witch Hunter Luke Lexton has failed his initiation into the Malleus Maleficorum - the secretive brotherhood devoted to hunting witches. Instead of killing the witch he picked from the Book of Witches, he has committed the worst possible crime: he has fallen for her. Sixteen-year-old witch girl Rosa Greenwood has failed to secure her struggling family's future by marrying the handsome, cruel, rich and powerful Sebastian Knyvet. Instead she has set fire to his factory and has brought disgrace on her family. Now together they are on the run - from Rosa's ex-fianc? and from Luke's former brothers in the Malleus. As they flee across England, and with the danger of their past catching up to them ...can they overcome their differences? Can a witch hunter ever find love with a witch girl?
My Thoughts
**This review may contain spoilers from the previous book, and some unintentional spoilers for this one**

After not long finishing Witch Finder I was excited to make a start on Witch Hunt as soon as time allowed. The previous events were still in my mind so I could jump straight into the pages and not have to worry or try to remember what I was missing or what happened previously. Witch Hunt takes us on an adventure with Luke and Rosa as they travel across the country, trying to escape the clutches of the Malleus, and Sebastian.
Witch Hunt is full of magic, and secret romance, but I do think it lacked the spark that Witch Finder did. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed reading Witch Hunt, and the cover is to die for, but I just found it difficult to focus on the story, and I ended up taking a week to read this book, rather than a day or two. I think it missed out on the budding romance between Luke and Rosa, and although they don't act on anything for a while, I just felt like it had gone, that it had already been decided what path they had chosen to follow and it as more a case of 'when' they follow that path, rather than a 'will' they.

Witch Hunt sees Luke and Rosa take on some people with the intention to hurt them, it sees them rely on each other to survive, and really makes Rosa see that life is not all about magic, especially when she can no longer access it as easily. Throughout Witch Hunt I was worried over this duo, wondering how far they would get before they got caught, and what would happen to them. The person who betrayed them was not someone who I expected, and I actually blamed others for it. I enjoyed getting to see them be themselves, and not really have to act right or to the standards expected of them from their peers, and while most of their journey is an act, it was nice to see what possibilities their future could hold.

The last few chapters of Witch Hunt had me constantly guessing over what would happen, especially when they are separated, and right up to the very last page I never knew what decision was going to be made, or what would lead up to this. I think Ruth has done a great job of finishing the story for some with a finality, but for others has left it open, and I am wondering if there is going to be another addition to this story and how it will all end, especially as their are some questions left unanswered.

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  1. Thanks for the honest review. This sounds like an interesting series. Sorry you didn't get the spark you felt in the first book, but I'm glad you enjoyed it some.


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