Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Knutty Knitter

I first heard about the Knutty Knitter at YALC, when my friend received a mini Olaf from her. He was absolutley amazing, and I may have stalked the Knutty Knitter's facebook page to see what else she made. When I saw a baby Groot I knew I HAD to have one. The Knutty Knitter replied to my comment on her page, and after payment was sent over, within a few days I had Groot in my hands.

I am still working on his placement in the pot, but look how cute he is!!!!!! He came with the pot and the leaves, but you have the option to not have him in the pot.

The Knutty Knitter has a lot of other great stuff on her page, below are just a few examples but please do follow the link to her facebook page under the picture to see more of her fantastic work

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