Sunday, 16 November 2014

Stacking the Shelves

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Stacking The Shelves is all about the books we are adding to our shelves each week, sharing with you our excitement for our newest titles and maybe have you discover a new book in the process!

This week I received…….

Fish Out of Water by Natalie Whipple from author for review
The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson from publisher
The Mission by Fiona Palmer from netgalley for review
My Paper Heart by Magan Vernon free on amazon

The Game Series #1 & #2 by Emma Hart from Bookbridgr for review
SeaBEAN by Sarah Holding for review
SeaWAR by Sarah Holding for review
SeaRISE by Sarah Holding for review

Cress by Marissa Meyer from my boyfriend
Cold Shadows by J.L. Bryan from author on facebook group
For the Win by Amber Garza free on kindle unlimited
Love At First Sight by various authors free on amazon

I have some books I really can't wait to dive into this week.
  • Fish Out of Water - I loved Natalie's Transparent series, and when I found out that this one was being released in the UK by Hot Key Books I went straight to their website to find out more, and got to read a sample which had me wanting the book straight away. Thankfully Natalie is offering the book to some reviewers after filling out a form and I am super excited to have received a copy.
  • The Sky is Everywhere - I already own this one somewhere on my iPad, but the lovely publicists at Walker Books sent this one out as they will be talking about the authors newest book in the Blogger Brunch in a few weeks.
  • The Mission - This is the second book in this series and I have been waiting what feels like forever to get approved for this one. I have already made a start on it and hope to be finished soon.
  • My Paper Heart - This was free on amazon so I couldn't help but pick this one up
  • The Game Series - I had actually forgotten about this one from Bookbridgr so it was a nice surprise. I am looking forward to starting this one in the next week or two.
  • SeaBEAN series - These are another set of books I had forgotten about. I was approached to review the third book but replied that I hadn't read them and would lvoe the first book for review. The amazing publicist sent the whole series for me to read. These books also have heat sensitive covers, and change with the heat from my hands (although this takes a while as I generally tend to be more cold than warm).
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  • Cress - This is a late birthday present off my boyfriend who picked this one up for me from my huge wishlist of books.
  • Cold Shadows - This is the second book in the series and the author put this one on his facebook group for us to read. I really enjoyed the previous book and can't wait to start this one.
  • For the Win - This was a recommendation from an author on facebook, and it was free with kindle unlimited so I picked it up before my trial runs out. I have already read this one and liked it.
  • Love at First Sight - This was another freebie on amazon and it has some of my favourite authors in it, this one I am saving for a December read.

That's all from me, what exciting things did you receive this week?

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  1. To be honest Cress is the only one I have heard of but saying that there a few there that I need to look up as they sound like they could be rather good, thanks for the heads up!


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