Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Quickie Review: SeaWAR [SeaBEAN #2] by Sarah Holding

Title: SeaWAR
Author: Sarah Holding
Author Info: Website|Diary|Facebook|Twitter
Series: SeaBEAN Trilogy #2
Source: Midas PR
Publisher: Medina Publishing Limited
Publication Date: 12th March 2014

Tell Me About It
The mysterious black C-Bean is a remarkable device which - as Alice and her classmates discovered in SeaBEAN, the first book of the SeaBEAN Trilogy - knows just about everything and can take them anywhere in the world.

But now it's broken and stranded on the rocks on the remote Scottish island of St Kilda. When Karla, the C-Bean's designer, turns up from Germany to try to fix it, they perform a factory reset, which accidentally sends it back in time, and Alice's world is thrown into disarray.

Chased by Victorian police, attacked by an enemy submarine, imprisoned with a madwoman, summoned to rescue a dying pilot and pursued by secret agents, Alice, together with her parrot, her dog and her new wartime companions, embarks on a journey through time, uncovering hidden secrets from St Kilda's past and safeguarding the future before it's too late.

SeaWAR, Book 2 of the SeaBEAN Trilogy also has a heat-sensitive or thermochromic cover

My Thoughts
After finishing the previous book in this series I was curious to see what adventures Alice and the C-Bean could get up to next, and let me tell you it's a very big adventure that literally changes the course of history.

Another trip to the C-Bean takes Alice into the past, with Karla, the designer of the C-Bean. However they soon find themselves in trouble with Karla being held prisoner, and Alice barely escaping. SeaWAR added new twists to the plot behind this series, and instead of seeing the environmental impact, we now see how one small change can literally change how Alice's present life is, or how it affects others lives on the island.

I really liked seeing Alice travel back in time, and seeing how the small changes she makes had such a huge effect on her present life. From radiation sickness, to saving a life, and making a connection from one person to another. SeaWAR definitely kept me turning the pages to find the answers to all the questions and the ending really adds another mystery to this series, and has me questioning what happened. I am more than relieved to have the next book waiting to be read.

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