Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Walker Books Blogger Brunch

On Saturday 29th November I got to attend my very first Blogger Brunch at Walker Books Headquarters. Getting there was no easy journey, with an alarm time of 4.30am and then 5am to make sure I was actually out of bed and not trying to catch another forty winks. After coffee, food, more coffee, I headed out to make the journey from home to London.
I arrived and even managed to not get lost on the tube and find my way to the correct tube stop and ended up meeting Andrew, Sarah, Kirsty, and Viv along the way.

Walker Books had a great idea to host the event in a cafe style way, with the book information being laid out in the style of a menu.
We got to see some fabulous books, listen to some amazing authors talk about their books, listen to the design process of Jandy Nelsons books, and got to eat and drink lots of coffee. Any books we liked we had to write our name on a postcard and post in our 'order', which was also a nice little touch. There are a few books I can't wait to read...I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy, Remix by Non Pratt, Subway Love by Nora Raleigh Baskin to name just a few.

We were also given little booklets to go alongside I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, where we have our own little space to fill in what we would give up the sun for, and then send it off to Walker Books to go on their own Wall of Sun coincide with the publication of the book.

We also came home with a goody bag with book proofs, swag, and a build your own gingerbread house...which of course made everyone eager to go home and try this, I need to pick up my decorations in my next shopping trip. I ended up coming home with more books than I thought thanks to Sarah @ Feeling Fictional who pushed books on me insisting I 'read this one' or 'take this, it's good'. The shelves that once displayed a lovely selection of books soon looked empty and sad once all the bloggers had left the building.

Make your own Gingerbread house|Bookmarks|Chocolate & Candy cane
The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B by Teresa Toten
Shadows on the Moon by Zoë Marriott
The Night Itself by Zoë Marriott
Darkness Hidden by Zoë Marriott
I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson
The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf by Ambelin Kwaymullina
The Bane Chronicles by Various Authors

Huge thanks to Walker Books for holding this event and for inviting me to join them.

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