Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Mini Review: Love Hurts edited by Malorie Blackman

Title: Love Hurts
Editor: Malorie Blackman
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Corgi Childrens
Publication Date: 29th January 3015
Rating: 2 stars

Tell Me About It
Malorie Blackman brings together the best teen writers of today in a stunningly romantic collection about love against the odds. Featuring short stories and extracts about modern star-crossed lovers from stars such as Gayle Forman, Markus Zusak and Patrick Ness, and with a brand-new story from Malorie Blackman herself, Love Hurts looks at every kind of relationship, from first kiss to final heartbreak.
My Thoughts
I began reading Love Hurts expecting a lot of new stories from some of my favourite authors, but was quickly disappointed to find that this had more extracts from other books than original stories. The extracts are from some books I have read, but mostly books I haven't, where some are sitting on my shelf waiting to be read.

The original stories I did like, and thought they really stood out, but for most of the extracts I did not read them for two reasons. The ones that I have waiting to be read it made no sense to me to just read a chapter or two from a random place in a book and not really get the whole story. For the ones I don't own I did not see the point in reading an extract from a book I wouldn't read.

Final Verdict
Overall I did enjoy the original stories, but was disappointed in the rest of the book. I was expecting more and I just didn't get it.

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