Friday, 20 February 2015

Do you DNF?

I used to feel guilty about putting a book down, and I pushed myself to read, to find something that would ignite a spark and keep me reading. But during my time as a blogger I have come to the realisation that it's impossible for me to like every book I receive for review, and to like every book that I read. It's also impossible to keep pushing myself to read, to force myself to keep going when I am not enjoying a book.

Looking at the books I have waiting to be read, from unsolicited books that I genuinely want to read, to books I've picked up at blogger events, even to my own books I have purchased, spending time reading a book I don't enjoy wastes the precious minutes that could have been spent on books I want to read. I try to give books the best chance I can, reading anywhere from 15-30% on electronic books, and a few chapters for physical books.

I have actively tried to post Honourable Mentions each month so far this year to share books I did not finish so that they still get some sort of a mention on my blog, linking to others reviews where possible. So far this year I have put down 14 books as DNF, and for once I don't feel guilty about it.

But the reason for this post is to find out what you do? Do you DNF books? How far do you read before you make your decision?


  1. I've not really DNF yet but I think now I've started blogging I'm coming closer to it. I have so many books to get through and so far I've persevered with ones I've not liked but I think I might start putting them down now. That way I don't have to write bad reviews as well!

  2. Gah I just wrote a really long comment but my phone are it LOL.

    I have the same attitude as you towards books I'm not enjoying - I'm not going to waste my time on them. I don't have a set percentage I have to read before I give up though - if it pisses me off on page 1 that's it I'm done lol! I usually make it further than that though :-)

    I don't usuallt bother to mention DNF books on my blog but I do usually write a fairly short note on goodreads saying why it didn't work for me

  3. I usually don't keep pushing with books I don't enjoy; if it was an ARC, I'll drop a line to the publisher to let them know, but don't really mention them on the blog.

  4. I have a huge pile of DNF books and I very rarely write any sort of review for them. The TBR pile is just way too big to put much time or effort into something I don't like. I usually reach around the 25-30% mark before I call it quits.


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