Thursday, 16 April 2015

It's Time to Call it Quits

I love reading, I love knowing that when I put down a book I have another one to read. This is also a reason why I love series so much, especially when I'm finding it hard to say goodbye to the characters, another book in the series means I get to keep them for longer, even better if I have the rest of the series on my shelves. But sometimes enough is enough, and I have slowly come to the realisation that while I did love the series, there comes a time that it just doesn't interest me any more.

Its not you, it's me.
Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz. I am honestly lost on what happened in the last book, and I do have a book on my shelves waiting to be read, if only I could remember what happened. This is a relativity short series compared to others I know, and with two books left I really don't want to give up now but I really do not have the time to re-read the whole series to make sure that everything is fresh in my mind

So long.
House of Night by P.C Cast. I loved this series, I replaced this series three times, (USA, UK, newer UK), but the more books that were published, the harder I found it to catch up again, then it became a mater of when I could fit in the next book. Before I knew it, the years had passed and I can't even remember what happened in the last book I read, so I know I can't pick up the next book without at least re-reading some of these books. I really don't have the time to re-read 8 books to refresh my mind.

I'm over it.
Department 19 by Will Hill. I LOVED this series, I devoured the first book, greedily reading the pages, its full of action, blood, and gore, and I savoured every single page. The second book was read in the same fashion. But between the second and third book I lost where I was up to. I got the third book for review, and I found it hard to get back into the world and remember where it was up to, and the longer I left it the harder it became to go back.

It's just too much.
Ashes by Isla J. Bick. This was another series with a great debut. I devoured the book, eager to find out what happened next, fascinate with the effect of the electromagnetic pulse. But by the time Shadows was published I had forgotten who was who, and although I tried to read it, I was just lost. Who was on what side? Who was this person, have I met them before or are they new? I felt so overwhelmed trying to get reacquainted with the characters that I could not find myself at all.

Are there any series that you gave up on, or struggled to read after long breaks between publication?


  1. I gave up on Blue Bloods and House Of Night too even though I loved the first books. I have given up on WAY too many series to list.

  2. I related to this post so very much. I've given up on many series including two you've mentioned (House of Night but I had severe problems with it right from the start so giving up on the series wasn't at all surprising to me, and Ashes was brilliant but I couldn't find my feet in Shadows either) I find it really difficult to continue with series even when I really enjoy them. The latest series I've given up on is the Adrian/Sydney series by Richelle Mead? Just couldn't carry on.


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